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Founded in 1910 as a normal school, Bowling Green State University (or, more commonly known as BGSU) is a public research university located in Bowling Green, Ohio. Since its beginning, the institution has developed from a normal rural school into a comprehensive research university.
BGSU has been, time and again, ranked for its academic programs in various magazines including Forbes, Washington Monthly and TIME. The university also provides satellite programs in its campus in Huron, Ohio which is a 20-minute ride from the main university.
The Bowling Green State University offers a total of 200 undergraduate, 17 doctorate and 54 master programs including various online graduate courses.

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Bowling Green, the home of BGSU, is a city and county seat of Wood County, Ohio located 30 minutes south of Toledo, United States. The city has a rich economy and is popular for its automobile industry and wind farms. Bowling Green has a population of 30,000 as compared to the 18000 students in BGSU. Although there are no major spots to visit, there are some fests like Wood County Fair, Winterfest and Black Swamp Arts Festival, which may interest you if you are into ethnicity and traditions.


BSGU has a total of 200 undergraduate, 17 doctorate and 54 master programs including various online graduate courses. The Central Campus has large lecture halls and classrooms. In addition, there are various recreational clubs, libraries like the Jerome Library, workshop spaces and laboratories included in the total 116 buildings on the campus.

Residing Options

One thing the Bowling Green State University is not so famous for is its residing options. Almost 85 percent of the students are from Ohio itself, which means less than 30 percent of students have a poor arrangement for their residing options.


Well, the weather is hot in summers and cold in winters at BGSU due to Ohio’s humid continental climate. Four distinct seasons experience varying temperature and precipitation widely. July is the hottest month (average temperature of 32 degrees C) and the coldest one is January, with an average temperature of -3.6 degrees C. Yes, it gets chillier than that too.
Rainfalls and snowfalls are more common in summers and springs than in winters. Although the Indian students will have an advantage in getting used to this type of climate, yet the freezing of Lake Erie makes the weather less moderate in winters and more humid in summers. Be prepared for the gloomy airs!

Faculty and pedagogy

With a total of about 2000 staff members, BGSU has a low student-faculty ratio of 20:1. Out of these, 40% is full-time faculty and have been represented by the BGSU Faculty Association in collective bargaining. All the teachers are highly qualified in their respective fields, with some holding doctorates as well.
In addition to teaching staff, BGSU has more than 300 research staff members. As a matter of fact, Bowling Green State University has also been classified as a Doctorate-Grating research university that has a high research activity. BGSU has also a staff-immigration service and many famous teachers, including American author James Baldwin, have taught at Bowling Green State University.

Financial aid

At Bowling Green State University, money is not an issue. Apart from the already low tuition fees, the university also makes sure that students don’t face financial issues. Almost 80% of all BGSU students receive aids and grants, out of which 65% are full-time students.
In addition, the university provides more than 5000 scholarships and certifications each year. However, these grants are awarded only on the basis of academic talents and achievements. BGSU also provides employments to its students through on-campus part-time jobs throughout the year.

Jobs and placements

Well, they happen; if that’s what you want. The percentages are not too satisfying and the management blames it on the “too difficult” placement test. Most of the students go for off-campus opportunities or athletic careers instead. However, if you manage to get good SATs (and acquaintances with alumni), then your chances of getting placed are bright.


  • Shantanu Narayen- President and CEO of Adobe Systems
  • Mike McCullough- American Golfer
  • Tim Conway- American Actor and Writer


Termed as an “easy university”, the high qualifications and degrees of faculty do not qualify for its standard education. Even if you decide to go for it due to low in-state and out-state tuition fees, acceptance rates are quite low as 53%. So good luck getting selected!

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