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Brandies University was established in the year 1948. The University is named after the first Jewish Justice in the United States Supreme Court. Albert Einstein was involved in the founding of Brandeis University and played an integral role in the transition of the university from Middlesex University to Brandeis University. The university is a private research university with a focus on the liberal arts.

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The campus is located only 9 miles form the city of Boston, in the town of Waltham, Massachusetts. This close proximity to the downtown Boston area provides an enriching experience to the students in terms of exposure and diversity. Boston has a very rich history and played an important part in the independence of the United States. Students at Brandeis get the rare opportunity to study in a quiet suburban setting with access to a plethoraof information and opportunities in Boston city.


The university is also home to the illustrious Rose Art Museum, with over 8000 artifacts on display. The museum focuses on displaying socially conscious works in the galleries. The Goldfarb Library consists of 1.6 million books and 300,000 online books. The library is also home to the US government archives. The archives in the library contain material on a wide variety of topics that aids in teaching effectively.
The Epstein building on campus houses the women’s studies research center. While the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and Steinhardt Social Research Institute work together closely to collect and disseminate data pertaining to the Jewish community. Students also get the benefit of having an opportunity to work on impactful projects at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism.
The Heller School for Social Policy and Management places great importance on research. Multiple research center and institutes fall under the Heller School, including the Schneider Institute for Health Policy, Institute on Assets and Social Policy, Lurie Institute for Disability Policy, Center for Global Development and Sustainability and Institute for Behavioral Health. These research institutes perform world class research in their fields and also provide students the opportunity to assist faculty with research projects.

Residing Options

77% students live on campus as compared to 23% who prefer living off campus. The campus’s suburban campus makes it a little difficult to find housing off-campus unless an incoming student knows a current student. Various housing options are available in the form of different halls for undergraduate students. Graduate students are not offered on campus housing but are provided assistance for looking for housing off-campus.


Expect a cold, harsh winter. Located on the east coast and more towards the north, the area is prone to weather extremities such as thunderstorms and winter storms. Summers are hotter, especially in July. With the large amount of forest cover in the entire state of Massachusetts, fall is perhaps the most beautiful time to drive around and explore with the colorful foliage and changing colors.

Faculty and pedagogy

The university is highly selective about who they accept, with an acceptance rate of only 37%. Undergraduate students will be required to go through the Common Application process.
Under the main umbrella of Brandeis University fall the College of Arts and Sciences and four Graduate schools: The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, The Rabb School of Summer and Continuing Studies, and The Brandeis International Business School.
There are up to 71 majors to choose from. Undergraduates have the opportunity to study in one of the best English and History programs in the country. For graduate students, programs in social policy, international development and health policy are most popular. Most classes at the University have between 10-20 students, enabling a more in depth student teacher interaction. The student faculty ratio at Brandeis is 10 to 1.
The University also boasts of a Jewish studies center, a social research institute, an institute for investigative journalism and a women’s studies research center. There are diverse options for students to pick from deciding what to study.

Financial aid

Brandeis is a private university, and the tuition is slightly expensive. International undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply for three different scholarships at the University. Financial Aid for in-state students is available through the Federal program, as well as through various scholarships. Only one scholarship is awarder to rising juniors, which is the Brandeis Achievement award.

Jobs and placements

The career center at the university organizes Career Fairs and assists students with on-campus interviews. They also offer services such as assistance with finding jobs and resume critiquing.


  • Mitch Albom: Sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press, author of Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  • Samrat Chakrabarti: British-American actor
  • Marta Kauffman: Executive Producer and co-creator of the Emmy Award-winning television series Friends
  • Debra Messing: Actress in television series Will & Grace and The Starter Wife
  • Arunoday Singh: Bollywood actor; grandson of Indian politician Arjun Singh
  • Sunny Singh: Writer
  • Bill Schneider: CNN's senior political analyst
  • Vineeta Rai: Indian Administrative Service officer; Former Revenue Secretary, Government of India; Voted one of 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in India
  • V. Balakrishnan: Indian theoretical physicist
  • Adam Cheyer: AI and CS scientist, co-founder of Siri, the company behind Apple's personal assistant on iOS


Brandeis is a well-known university at par with various Ivy League schools in the northeastern region. Its proximity to Boston is definitely an advantage. Some of the programs at the university are nationally ranked for graduates as well as undergraduates. Therefore if you are applying to these specific programs, then Brandeis is the right fit for you. However, the university is small with a strict focus on academics. If you are looking for a place that offers as much social opportunities as academic ones, you might want to give other schools more consideration.

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