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Ranked among top 20 universities in GY

About Braunschweig University of Technology

Established in 1745, The TU Braunschweig also known as University of Brunswick – Institute of Technology is the oldest Technische Universität [de] (comparable to an institute of technology in the American system) in Germany. It is commonly ranked among the top universities for engineering in Germany. Today it has about 19,000 students, making it the third largest university in Lower Saxony after the University of Göttingen and the University of Hanover. With a beautiful collaboration of historical and modern infrastructure, the university stands with pride right in the center of Braunschweig.
German language eligibility:-
Yes, one must have at least base knowledge of German language. The university provides the syllabus only in German language, even if the professors help you with communication gap at the end you’ll have to study from books by yourself which are also in German. So, for a better side a good idea would be to take German language classes before taking admissions in this university.
Exams required:-
There are a few exams such as German eligibility which is conducted before any admission takes place and an entrance test depending on the course you wish to apply in. There is a syllabus provided for these exams months before the exams are conducted.

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Braunschweig also known as Brunswick, Braunschweig has about 250,000 people, the largest city between Hannover and Berlin. This place is more about history and people with old thinking, many of Braunschweig's most historic buildings surround the city center Burgplatz (Castle Square), including the 12th-century Braunschweiger Dom (Brunswick Cathedral), burial place of the famed Henry the Lion, powerful early Duke of Saxony. Henry's rebuilt castle, Burg Dankwarderode, is also on the Burgplatz and is now a museum. The Old City Market is another popular visitor spot which does include few happening places such as bars and game parlors. This place is more of a tourist spot than a good residential area as you cannot consider this as a peaceful place; it is always full of tourist crowd.


Infrastructure of the university is beautiful; it is more like a tourist spot than a university. The university’s main building is almost 250 year old and gives one a feel of an Assassin Creed’s character. The campus is right in the center of the city and has a good collaboration of history and modern technology. The campus has 3 canteens with great German food, you might take time to adapt to it but once you do its difficult to get out of its habit.

Residing Options

Rental prices, just like the cost of living, are on an average level in Braunschweig. Your own little apartment will cost you between EUR 350 and EUR 400, everything included. A room in a shared apartment costs between EUR 200 and EUR 300. On the other hand, living in a hall of residence during the first semester will make it very easy to meet other students.


Weather at Braunschweig is cold, extremely cold at times. The maximum climatic temperature for March can go up till 7°C and minimum as least as 1°C. April, May and June are the hottest months but the maximum for them is 22°C which is pleasant as compared to the temperature in Middle East.

Faculty and pedagogy

If you are looking for the top-notch faculty in Germany then you are at the right place. Technologically advanced with great teaching skills, professor at TU Braunschweig is pretty awesome. This place has one of the best faculties in Germany and they are supportive in terms of every doubt you present them with. The faculty prefers a syllabus and a structure which one must follow to catch-up on the courses, let me tell you that the syllabus is quite difficult.

Financial aid

Not all the universities in Germany provide financial aid to their students. Germany has a different class of education and they feel the financial aid is to be provided to only the under privileged and not to be used as an advertising tool. There are no scholarships but once in a while for few courses the university conducts an entrance exam which in turn has rewards like scholarships. If you wish to avail some discount on fees then you should have a letter of recommendation with a reference of your financial condition along with all other documents specified by the university.

Jobs and placements

The university definitely provides boost to student’s career even though the name is just enough for it. The university has good contacts and provides references to companies if they find a student who is outstanding. Most of the placements happen in MNCs which are based on IT Module, else few students change their career and move to a different field altogether.

Crowd and campus life

Crowd at TU Braunschweig is studious, not so fun going and not at all happening. The university’s campus has good places to visit where you can take your mind off your studies for a while but apart from that the canteen is pretty boring even though you find good food there. The crowd is competitive and don’t expect any gossip to fill up your entertainment area as all the students are into their books most times. The crowd can be so boring at times that your subjects would be better than anything else.


  • Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • Nobel Laureate Klaus von Klitzing- Mathematician
  • Henning Kagermann- SAP-CEO Professor
  • Meinhard von Gerkan- Renowned Architect
  • Heinrich Büssing- Truck engineer and entrepreneur of Büssing AG

  • Verdict

    Even though the university has great contacts, good professors and beautiful infrastructure one must always take care of the language eligibility for that specific university. Even though German looks difficult it is pretty easy to understand if an effort is made. Taking from the “entertainment” point of view, do not expect to be entertained at all. Students and professors both take their courses and studies pretty seriously and always prefer sitting under a tree alone reading some James Headly Chase’s novel. If you are into serious engineering and really want to be someone who invents technologically then this is the correct place for you, but only if you are willing to put in some efforts to learn language and be a hardcore student. Else if you are looking for some fun apart from studies then this may not be the right kind of place for you.

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