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Founded in 1911, California State University, Fresno (popularly known as "Fresno State") is a public institution situated in the heart of California, ranked #220 in the National Universities. Fresno State had begun as a teacher training college but later expanded into various degree courses by 1949. Their mascot is called "Bulldog".

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The Northeast edge of Fresno is home to the large, 388-acre main campus of Fresno State University. It is right at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Being in the heart of California, it is known for its lush agricultural land-Central California, the bread basket of the world. It has a whole lot of agricultural land; which should not be discouraging because you are just a handful of hours away from LA or the Bay area. It's just a short drive from Yosemite and China Peak.


The campus looks like a large park with plenty of greenery and shady trees. Although, the roads around the campus may not be that great. It has one of the largest libraries in the California State University system built by the ever gracious donations of the Native Americans. Interestingly, Fresno State was the first university in the country to home a winery where students make their award-winning wine! They have a gigantic gymnasium for students.
Two of the most loved and unique features at Fresno State: the 'Career Development Center' and the 'Student Cupboard'. The Career Development Center has a 'clothing closet of professional clothing' for students. One can take three items from the clothing closet per semester, that too for free! The second best resource on campus is the 'student cupboard' where students can come in and take free food.
Nevertheless, there are some cons too. Students complain that the cafeteria food could get a little better and that it is easy to get bored of Taco Bell and Subway after a point of time. Parking can be a little issue too. In 2016, the students witnessed over $86.5 million of campus improvement projects being flagged off; addressing a lot of complaints about lack of maintenance on campus.

Residing Options

There are dorms available but most of the crowd is campus commuter. They prefer to live off campus for obvious reasons. The cost of living off campus in Fresno is lower than most other places in California. Contrary to that, it might be a little risky to live off campus in Fresno due to the high crime rate.


Fresno has a warm sunshine all throughout the year. But Fresno Summers can be excruciatingly dry and humid. At times, they transform into the horror of a triple digit heat. Winters can be rainy and chilly and experienced but they are evidently more preferred to the summers. There has been an evident lack of rain over the years, which reduces the air quality (dust particles and pollen from the expanded agriculture around). Students with allergies and asthma should double-check.

Faculty and pedagogy

Faculty is diverse, well-educated and experienced. They have a total of 1460 full time and part time faculties across 66 bachelors, 44 masters and three doctoral subject areas. 96% of their faculty hold doctoral or terminal degrees. The faculty to student ratio is 1: 21. Students point that a few professors are not at par. But no school is perfect, right?

Financial aid

Yes, it is not an Ivy League and for once, there's an advantage to that: They have the lowest tuition and fees out of all the California State Universities! The in-state fees being $6,313 and the out-state fee being $17,209. To top that, Fresno city is as affordable it can get; that too in the heart of California. Eighty percent of students at the California State University receive some type of financial aid. So chances are good that you're eligible, too. The average loan amount given out to students every year at Fresno State is about $5000.
The Community Service Scholarship gives you $1500 scholarship for 150 hours of volunteering work. There are also other interesting internship opportunities available for students in both non-profit and for profit companies.

Jobs and placements

The median earning six years after graduation comes to around $40000. Most students find the career development center helpful. The alumni network is as diverse and strong as it can get. However, if you want to be closer to Silicon Valley headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook; then California State University, San Jose is the school for you. The best practice is to always compare 'placements' with the 'fees' and the 'cost of living' in a particular setting. Best places may come with a higher cost!


  • Rick Husband-Astronaut, Fighter Pilot
  • Paul George-American Professional Basketball Player
  • Ashley Swearengin-American Politician

  • Verdict

    The Agriculture, Engineering and Business departments at Fresno State are the most appreciated. Being in the Centre of California definitely, has its own charm. And if you are genuinely interested in academics, you won't be disappointed. Yes, Fresno may not be the safest neighbourhood to live in, hence safety remains an important concern. The location may have its cons but it has its pluses for being close to some of the most beautiful national parks like Yosemite and Kings Canyon. We can't ignore that the almost-100-year-old institution has graciously churned out some of the best athletes in America. You know it's not the best school, ever. But it's a school that you could make the most out of.

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