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Founded in 1949, California State University, Long Beach, popularly known as CSULB, is a large, 4-year public university. Long Beach is a large city and provides a suburban setting, offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. For graduate students, CSULB offers programs at the College of Business Administration, College of Engineering, College of Health and Human Services, among other schools.

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Residing on the only hill on the Long Beach state, CSULB has a location that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It gives a good suburban setting in California. Long Beach is known to have high walkability and is incredibly bike-friendly. So one can do without a car too. Apart from the Long Beach, students venture out to coast to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Manhattan Beach. Taking a trip down to San Diego is also very feasible.


CSU LB is a sprawling 322-acre campus abd has the third largest campus in the CSU system. The unique aspect of the campus is the large grass fields (unless droughts) with dashing Helen Borcher flowering 3000 peach trees donated by the locals. It has a huge outdoor gallery with statues and monuments. The school is completely wheelchair accessible, which is a commendable thing. (The Disabled Students Union is very good too.)
They have a huge library too, recommended for both solitary reading and group study. There is a University Art Museum too. It also has a 'Walter Pyramid', a unique 18-story blue pyramid that encompasses three full basketball courts, five volleyball court and much more. They also have an interesting Japanese Garden. Both of these are the newest icons of the Long Beach state. CSULB houses a full-service fitness centre and The Pointe, an educational conference centre. The campus has installed solar panels to address the problem of sustainability.
One demerit is Parking. Students suggest that one must start their classes no later than 9:30 AM because after that parking becomes very difficult.

Residing Options

It is largely a commuter campus. The university offers housing but the graduate students prefer to live off campus. East Long Beach has some really nice areas that are affordable too, especially Belmont Shore. Students say that North Long Beach should be avoided. Living in the neighbourhood cities could be expensive.


In Long Beach, summers are short, warm and dry. Winters are long, cool and partly cloudy. However, it's often cooler when hot everywhere else, breezy when stagnant elsewhere. But the best part is that one can escape the standard winter chill of the US by being at Long Beach.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty to student ratio in CSULB is 26:1. The curriculum and faculty are said to be decent. The most popular majors at CSULB are Business, Management, Marketing, Health Professions, Social Sciences and Family and Human Sciences.
The study schedule can be quite rigorous especially if you have multiple, inter-clashing majors. However, it is said that 1/4th of the classes happen in the evening. Students find the evening classes to be less rigorous than the day classes, primarily because the professors are a little fatigued (for obvious reasons). So for the students who wish to do slightly less work to earn their grade, can opt for night classes.

Financial aid

The administration at CSULB recommend that one should apply for a scholarship. Every year about 8 million dollars worth scholarships go unused because students don't apply. The career centre is helpful if you are looking for a job. On-campus tuition for out-state students may cost approximately $17000 and room and boarding are another $12000. For in-state, it is around $6000. There are miscellaneous course fees if you are an out-state graduate student, depending on the number of credits you take. One must look into that.

Jobs and placements

Placements may not be the best despite the career centre being very helpful. It is an average public institution in this aspect. But again, students say that the employers in California may have a good respect for this school when one goes for the interviews. It holds a good repute.


  • Steven Speilberg: Director, Producer, Screenwriter in Hollywood
  • Debbie Cook: Former Mayor of Huntington Beach, California
  • Tara Cross-Battle: Former Olympic Volleyball Player

  • Verdict

    A little biased towards locals and Hispanics, it may not be the most preferred place for out-state or international students. Parking is a little difficult. Previously a lot of famous people like Steven Spielberg studied there, which sure makes it fascinating. Political setting is leaning towards liberals and the Republicans/conservatives could have a hard time. Sports and clubs are promoted. The infrastructure has its charm. The weather is in your favour. Cal state universities are known for their practical approach. Overall, good opportunities are many and it is a better-than-average public institution.

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