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Michigan, United States

Est. 1892

About Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is among the one hundred largest public research universities in the United States. With over 200 programs to be offered, the University provides a wide range of widely acclaimed programs. These programs span across undergraduate, masters, specialists, and doctoral levels. The University follows a semester calendar system. It also has a very strong and widely appreciated online program.
TheForbes list of 2015 placed this University on the rank of 622. Furthermore, the U.S. News & World Report LP placed CMU on the rank of 190, and the Washington Monthly for the same period ranked it on 211.

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The University is located in Mount Pleasant, in the state of Michigan, United States. It is nearly 150 miles away from Detroit. Central Michigan University is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Mount Pleasant is located in central Michigan.
The Chippewa river runs right through the city, offering numerous opportunities for adventure sports including Kayaking, Canoeing and Tubing. As a student here you can try out and relish different cuisines or craft beers at the local breweries. Art galleries and museums in the downtown area are a great way to explore the rich history and heritage of Mount Pleasant. Though limited, these options around the campus keep the students entertained.


Charles V, Park Library building is the where the university library is located. It houses over 1,000,000 books in print along with other archived documents. In addition to these there are over 50,000 journals and books that are available digitally.
There is The Museum of Cultural and Natural History in Rowe Hall. Also, the University Art Gallery houses exhibitions of contemporary art from time to time.
The Department of Physics administers The Brooks Astronomical Observatory which is located on top of the Brooks Hall. This facility is open for students and general public each morning during an academic year.
The colleges in CMU can be listed as below:

  • The College of Business Administration
  • The College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • The College of Education and Human Services
  • The College of Science and Technology
  • The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions
  • The College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • The College of Graduate Studies
  • The College of Medicine

  • Residing Options

    The University has ample residential spacing for students who wish to stay on campus. Some of the residential halls that are available include

  • Campbell Hall
  • Barnes Hall
  • Cobb Hall
  • Fabiano Hall
  • Calkins Hall
  • Beddow Hall
  • Carey Hall
  • Emmons Hall
  • Celani Hall
  • The residential halls are well equipped with fitness centers, study lounges, vending machines, internet facilities, et cetera. In-fact most of the students requirements and essentials are e easily available on the campus.


    Spring, summer, fall, and winter – these are the distinct seasons that a student at CMU gets to witness and enjoy. Temperatures in winters can go as low as -12 degree Celsius whereas summers remain pleasant with the maximum rarely going above 32 degree Celsius.

    Faculty and pedagogy

    The 200+ strong faculty members community at CMU are among the most highest decorated and respected in the entire country.
    The university offers some very exciting programs during the summer breaks as well. They include exchange programs, or volunteer based initiatives. Students can go to places such as New Orleans or Brazils, as the University has link ups with some of the universities in those locations.
    There are also some specialized programs such as those in journalism, entrepreneurship, music, teacher education, psychology, audiology, and physician assistantship. Furthermore, this is the only university which offers majors in meteorology in the entire Michigan state. Also, it is the only university in the country that offers a bachelor’s degree focusing on microscopy.
    The faculty has tried to maintain a ratio of 21: 1 (Student-Faculty ratio) . Moreover, the classrooms are nearly medium sized, with 20-29 students in each class. This provides a good interactive learning environment both the teacher and the students. It is also evident from the various testimonials written by students who have claimed for the faculty members and their teaching methodologies to be fulfilling.

    Financial aid

    The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid takes care of the financial aid related queries. The university also accommodates the students receiving Federal Direct Student Loans. CMU offers scholarships on pure merit basis.
    To access these privilegesa student must be enrolled in a full time program, also earn no less than 30 new credit hours each academic year. Along with this the GPA of the student should not be less than 3.25. For further details it is advisable to speak with the officials at the center.

    Jobs and placements

    The university along with their alumni’s has created a network which assists the students in terms of placement be it either in a certain company or on the field. Moreover, it is in-fact dependent on the student’s whim and efforts.


    The University has produced some of the most successful and socially responsible citizens of the country. They have made a mark in every sphere of the society by taking in the laearning from their alma mater. The following is a list of the few notables:

  • Larry Joe Campbell: TV personality
  • Alfonzo Lenhardt: Former Ambassador to the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Christine Cashen: Professional Speaker.
  • Saylor Frase: Founder and President of Nuspire Corp.
  • Phil Powers: Professional Actor.
  • Dr. Pamela Spencer: Director at Dow Chemical Company.
  • Drew Sheneman: Award winning editorial cartoonist.
  • John Grogan: Famous Author.
  • Robert P. DeLong: United States Senator and member of the House of Representatives.

  • Verdict

    Keeping the detailed presentation above and keeping the students revises in minds, Central Michigan University is no doubt a very good learning space. It has all the possible facilities in terms of infrastructure or academic coordination. Along with these, facilities for research endeavors are also taken care of.
    It is quite clear that CMU is an ideal space to start with, moreover, what is impressive is the training in research that the university offers.

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