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Set up in 2003, Charles Darwin University is a relatively new public institution, which came to be referred to as a university after the integration of the Menzies School of Health Research, Centralian College of Alice Springs and Northern Territory University. Charles Darwin University is included in the 7 Innovative Research Universities of Australia and the institution gives you the chance to pursue undergraduate degrees with the option to study them either full-time, part-time or online. This university is very Indian friendly and frequently collaborates with VIT University in India.

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It is situated in the capital city of Darwin Northern Territory of Australia. Darwin is an active city comprising of people of various ethnicities. Thanks to Darwin’s multiculturalism as an Indian, you will never feel left out. But, then again if you are not the friendly type and prefer to stay alone, you might have a hard time making Aussie friends.


CDU has multiple campuses spread out in the city including Alice Springs, Casuarina, and Jabiru. The Alice Springs Campus has a library which offers you electronic learning and, on the other hand, there is a present-day lecture theatre with 85 seats and specially equipped laboratories along with IT classrooms.
The Casurina Campus has several facilities like up to date research centres, a library with a wide range of books, bar, gymnasiums, basketball court, among others. You also have the Katherine campus situated in an area, which is developing at a fast space and becoming a tourist hot spot.

Residing Options

The Casuarina Campus has a newly built $7 million building which has boosted up on=campus accommodation. On campus, accommodation is also offered din other campuses Like Alice Springs and Katherine. International House Darwin and UniLodge Darwin are some of the on campus accommodation provided by the university.
You also have the option for private renting but it will be quite costly for any Indian student, given the exchange rate. However, if you are adamant about getting a place outside campus then you can contract local real estate agents or go through StudyStays.


In Darwin, you will get to experience all kinds of weather starting from afternoon storms to summer days. The South is filled with deserts, which means you will definitely get some hot days. The North is mainly tropical with its share of seasonal variations. In case you prefer only a certain kind of season, then this should be heads up for you to be prepared for any kind of climate out here.

Faculty and pedagogy

You will find some excellent faculty members here who have done remarkably well in their area of research. However, due to their busy schedule they might not be available to you all the time. So, you need to be regular with your classes, otherwise, you will end up in a pool of doubt regarding your subject.

Financial aid

Plenty of scholarships are offered by CDU to meritorious students. Also, if you have a solid GPA, you are often sponsored by the government or business houses. But, the paperwork is tedious and the application process tests your patience. On top of that, if you do not maintain a goof rank, your scholarship might be dropped. There is always an additional pressure on tour hand to score high which can sometimes de-intensify your college experience. You could always go for student loans or save up enough in order to avoid these hassles.

Jobs and placements

Most employees want students with some kind of prior experience. CDU helps you to get work placements including internships and paid vacations while working for a company that the university has collaborated with. CDU pairs up with local, national and international companies, and, acts as the mediator between students and their prospective employers.


  • Loraine Braham – politician of Australia
  • Lauren Moss – politician of Australia
  • James Burke – former politician of Australia

  • Verdict

    If you are into sororities and fraternities, then this university is not the ideal place for you. In addition, if your focus is only on academic success, then you should reconsider before applying to this university as all those student events might create a nuisance for you.

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