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Est. 1989

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Set up in 1989 Charles Sturt University (named after Captain Charles Sturt) is a public university with multiple campuses situated in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria. CUS is Indian friendly especially after the start of the India-Naipunnya International Placement, which gave students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Indian culture.

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Charles Sturt University is spread out in multiple booming cities of Australia and each of the cities has something unique to offer you. You do need to worry about one campus being better than the other is as all of them have everything that you can possibly imagine for a unique campus, starting from well-maintained laboratories to huge libraries filled with all kinds of academic resources. It is generally recommended that international students take on-campus accommodation as this will diminish the headache of you moving back and forth, not to mention the transportation costs.


CSU has multiple campuses spread across the country. Some of them are in Canberra, Dubbo, Orange, Wagga Wagga and Burlington. The campus in Wagga Wagga has many facilities including a central dining room for students living inside the campus, winery, farm, gymnasium, etc. Most of the campuses are equipped with laboratories and highly advanced equipments. The libraries are massive and if you are, looking for some quality alone time accompanied with studying then it is the ideal place for you.
CSU is pragmatic when it comes to the environment and has recently administered a gas engine cogeneration power plant so that the expenses of fuel and carbon emissions are reduced to a large degree. You get some of the fines laboratories here like the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and the Environmental and Analytical Laboratory.

Residing Options

You have the option to avail of in-campus accommodation especially if you are on a shoestring budget (academic wise). Apart from getting the opportunity to mix with both local and internationals students and making life long friends, you also save money on transport and a lot of time. The biggest advantage is that the lecture halls are very near to your accommodation. However, if you are someone who, prefers independence to these advantages and would like his/her own apartment with as much as freedom possible then you should go for off campus housing.


The climate here is diverse which means that in winter, you get to enjoy the snow-covered mountains and in the summer, it is hot and humid for you. The winters sometimes bring with them fogs and frosts and you will have a pleasant experience in during that season if you are a winter person.

Faculty and pedagogy

The MBA course here is one of the highly sort after courses in the entire nation. But, having said that although the professors will guide you every step of your way, you are ultimately on your own. If you are not self-reliant when it comes to academics, then it is going to be a tough time for you here.

Financial aid

CSU believes that every student who studies here should be provided with maximum financial help so that they have zero obstacles to reach their potential destination. You get plenty of help in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans or assistance from the government. The best part about the student loans is that there is zero interest charged and if have excelled academically, then you get to enjoy the benefits of any one scholarship offered by CSU.

Jobs and placements

CSU hosts one of the best career fairs in the country – the Agriculture and Animal Industry Career Fairs. You need register yourself with the CSU Career Hub and be in constant touch with them to know about placement vacancies/openings.
If you are on good terms with your faculty members and the other staff, then it would not be that difficult to be placed in a company which will nurture your skills be easy and a professional life changer for you.


  • Jenny Gardiner, National Party Politician
  • Stuart Beattie, filmmaker and screenwriter
  • Dean Windsor, full-time cyclist
  • Caitlin De Wit, basketball player (wheelchair)
  • Jeffrey Driver, the Chief Bishop of Adelaide
  • Robert Atkinson, formerly the police commissioner of Queensland

  • Verdict

    Whether CSU is the perfect fit for you or not depends on various things like your area of study, and whether you can actually afford it. Although there is tremendous academic pressure for you especially f you are taking an MBA course or going for three semesters per year, if you enjoy diversity and like exploring different cultures, then you can definitely consider CSU.

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