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Est. 1930

About City University Of New York, Brooklyn College

Founded in 1930, the Brooklyn College was actually a merger between two separate institutions, the Hunter College for women and the City college of New York for men. This made the Brooklyn College the very first public co-ed college in the city of New York. Often referred to as the ‘poor man’s Harvard’, Brooklyn College has the most exquisitely beautiful campus. The 26 acres of campus premises is absolutely stunning, both in terms of being picturesque as well as organised and well-maintained.

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The Brooklyn College initially had two campuses, each of which was located in two separate areas of Brooklyn, New York. There was the Midwood section campus and the Downtown campus of this liberal arts college. However, the Downtown campus had to be closed down in 1975 due to a budget emergency situation in New York. Now there is only one sprawling campus on the 2900 Bedford Avenue at Avenue H in Midwood, with new buildings always under construction. The Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts is also a part of the same campus.


There are 12 main buildings or ‘halls’ in the Brooklyn College campus including the stately Brooklyn college library and the modern Residence hall (which opened its doors to students in 2010). There is no dearth of breathable outdoor recreational zones as well. From a lounging library café to the ‘Whitehead courtyard’, every student can have his or her own ‘secret corner’ to study in peace.

Residing Options

Brooklyn College offers fully residential facilities, with a huge residential hall located around two blocks away from the main campus. This lively and comfortable residential zone comes with its own Wi-fi, fitness centre, air conditioning and an open courtyard which makes your stay here feel like home!


Brooklyn generally follows the weather pattern of New York City and temperatures ranging from around 50 degree Fahrenheit in summers to 26 degree Fahrenheit during the winters. Winters are snowy without being bitingly cold. Students can continue with regular classes throughout the year with no major weather interruptions.

Faculty and pedagogy

It does not matter which course you do or which major you choose in your final year, you will be guided by the very best and the most experienced professors in New York City. The faculty of Brooklyn College have been recipients of some of the most prestigious international awards (Nobel prize, Pulitzer prize, Grammies et al). The level of expertise and in-depth knowledge imparted by the professors and lecturers in this college is beyond compare.
The pedagogy of Brooklyn College follows a highly inspired curriculum and student-mentor relationships that are built to last a lifetime. Since the faculty are all actively involved in their own areas of work as well, students get easy access to a whole other dimension of learning. From attending live performances by the world’s best to even performing with renowned artists, students leave this college with a wealth of knowledge that is only acquired by being in the vicinity of the greatest minds in their respective fields.

Financial aid

Loans and financial aid is easily available to all students through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Jobs and placements

The Brooklyn College boasts of almost 100% placement. Students need to sit for a placement assessment test organised by CUNY.


  • Bernie Sanders (Senator)
  •  Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt
  • author Alan M. Dershowitz
  •  Emmy Award-winning actorJimmy Smits 
  • Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Paul Mazursky


With an inspiring motto, Nil sine magno labore which translates to "Nothing without great effort", the Brooklyn College is an ideal breeding ground for the great minds of the future. With a splendid environment and relatively lower tuition fees, this college is the perfect place to study and acquire your degree.

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