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Est. 1754

Ranked among top 20 universities in US

About Columbia University

Columbia University is a private research institute started in 1896. The fifth-oldest university in the United States, CU has achieved Ivy League status thanks to its standing amongst the elite. It is one of the more sought-after schools around, but it isn’t impossible to get in, provided your academics are more-than-decent, and you’ve done a fair share of some kind of research work. It ranks #8 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

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Columbia University is located in the tremendously upmarket Manhattan district of New York. There’s really nothing else to say, is there? Manhattan! THE Manhattan!
The subway station and a major bus stop are right outside the gate of Columbia University, so travelling is pretty convenient for all students, regardless of where they stay.


There are 20 major libraries in the Columbia University campus. There is the popular Blue Java Coffee Bar on campus as well.

Residing Options

Living on campus is an option, but the number of dorms is limited, plus it’s pretty expensive. Average cost per year is about $6000 per year, and that doesn’t account for some of the major costs. That’s why most graduate students normally live off campus.


In spite of New York’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the city does tend to have somewhat extreme climate; the summers are warm and the winters are cold. Temperatures in winter can fall as low as -10°C during nights, and in summer can go as high as 34°C during the afternoon. New York receives a fair share of rainfall, especially during spring.

Faculty and pedagogy

Now, the faculty is excellent, as you would probably expect in one of the best colleges in the world, which is located in one of the best cities in the world. But with such excellence comes a sense of expectation out of others. Students are often berated a bit if they aren’t able to live up to professors expectations, and they would do well not to get into the bad books of the rather egoistic professors. But having said that, if students are sincere and committed, getting along with faculty members becomes quite a cakewalk.

Financial aid

Since it’s a private institute, and a highly reputed one for that, scholarships are almost impossible to get. Students may apply for Teaching Assistantships though.

Jobs and placements

This is something you really shouldn’t be worrying about. You’ll definitely get a job, and a pretty good one, too. The fees you pay at Columbia seems like pocket change once you get yourself placed.


  • Vikram Pandit - CEO of Citigroup
  • Stephen Friedman - Chairman of Goldman Sachs, National Economic Council director
  • Warren Buffett - President of Berkshire Hathaway


If you can afford it, go right ahead. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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