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Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia, with a 50,000 strong student body. It was established in 1986. With a focus on technology and practical applications of technology through research, Curtis has numerous campuses in Australia as well as internationally to take this vision forward. The main campus is situated in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. Curtis University was formerly known as the Western Australia Institute of Technology, and after mergers with various other schools, came to be known by it’s current name.

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Curtin University is located in Bentley, a suburb of the city of Perth. The Perth city center is accessible by car (takes only 15 minutes to drive) or through public transportation. Students get to study in a beautiful setting while having access to everything an urban, bustling city has to offer.


Research is a major part of the university, and because of this reason, the university has partnered with various organizations to give students and faculty access to world-class research facilities. Some of these facilities include

  • John de Laeter Centre for Isotope Research
  • Trace Research Advanced Clean Environment Facility
  • Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
  • Hub for Immersive Visualization and eResearch

  • Residing Options

    Living on campus is a wonderful experience. At the Curtin University Bentley campus, numerous housing options are available.

  • Erica Underwood House
  • Don Watts House: limited private apartments for couples
  • George James House: six bedroom shared apartments
  • Guild House: single accommodation as well as accommodation for couples
  • Japan House: lets students experience Japanese culture
  • Rotary International House: modified housing for disabled students
  • Vickery House
  • Apart from this, students can also opt for off campus housing. The university offers assistance in the form of legal help and advise, as well as access to a database of rental spaces off campus. International students especially, will find the short term housing option extremely advantageous if they are not travelling to their home country during breaks.


    Perth can definitely be called a sunny city. A classic example of a Mediterranean climate, summers tend towards a hot and dry climate. Summer lasts from December to March, with February recording the highest temperatures. Winters tend to be wet but very mild. The only times there is rainfall during the summer months is when Perth is affected by the occasional thunderstorm cold front or tropical cyclone.

    Faculty and pedagogy

    The university’s programs in Accounting and Finance, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering and Computer Science and Information Systems are amongst some of the highest ranked programs in the world. Divided into five faculties, Curtin has various schools and research centers that fall under these divisions:

  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies
  • Curtin Business School (Also includes Curtin School of Law and Graduate School of Business)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering (also includes Western Australian School of Mines)
  • Undergraduate can also choose to study for a dual degree by combining disciplines at Curtin University. Postgraduate degrees available at the university include graduate certificate, graduate diploma, postgraduate diploma, professional masters and master’s degrees. Postgraduate degrees focusing on research include doctoral and M.Phil. degrees.
    Keeping up with technology that connects people all over the world, Curtis University also offers online classes. Study online programs through the Curtin Open Universities Australia have slightly different courses than those available on campus. Through the Massive Open Online Courses initiative, the university offers free online courses on selected topics. For online degrees, students can pick from courses in business, management, law, health, IT, nursing or occupational health and safety.

    Financial aid

    Scholarships are available for all undergraduate, postgraduate, research and doctoral students. Scholarships can either be grants, awarding money for fees or from an industrial scholarship. Most scholarships are merit based and rely on the student’s academic performance. International students can apply from over 60 scholarships in Business, Health Sciences, Indigenous Studies, Law and Engineering. Scholarships are also available for research or doctoral students pursuing their course of study at Curtin University.

    Jobs and placements

    The Curtin Career and Employment Center is the students’ biggest resource when planning a future. The Industry Mentorship program pairs a final year student with an industry professional to help them gain exposure. Students can drop in at the career centers to meet with counselors to get help with resume writing, cover letter writing, picking classes or applying for a job or internship. Job prospects also largely depend on the subject that you choose to major in. A Fashion student might not have the same opportunities as an Engineering student. Students should probably talk to a career counselor and existing students before they go off to college or within their first few months.
    An international student will always have to deal with the additional burden of permits and visas. Employers usually prefer residents of the country/state to work with them since the hiring process is simpler. International students should probably begin their job or internship search early to give themselves enough time to find the right company to work for.


  • Priya Cooper, Sidney Paralympic Games Gold Medalist swimmer
  • Judy Davis, Actress, Golden Globe and Emmy Award Winner
  • Brad Hogg, Cricketer
  • Claire Hooper, Comedian
  • Frances O’Connor, Actress
  • Deborah Robertson, Novelist
  • Richard Forno, American Cyber security Researcher

  • Verdict

    Curtin University is known for it’s research and academic focus on technology related fields. If that is a field you are interested in, Curtin is the right choice for you. The vibrant campus life, the proximity to the city of Perth and the wonderful weather are all reasons for you to pick Curtin over other colleges. Scholarship opportunities and assistance for international students are also important factors in determining whether Curtin is the right choice for you or not.

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