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Founded in 1972, Florida International University has grown to become one of the largest and most recognized universities in the state. Located in the balmy city of Miami, the FIU comes with two campuses; the first campus in the Modesto A. Maidique campus in the west Miami-Dad county and the second campus called the Biscayne Bay campus in North Miami.

Known for it large campuses, top of the notch facilities and expert faculty, the main subjects of interests in FIU are Law, Business and management. Along with close to forty one thousand students in the undergraduate level alone, the amount of students who prefer FIU in the state is in the high numbers.

A public research university, it ranks on the Tier 2 state colleges systems and offers more than 191 areas of studies in the undergraduate and graduate level. FIU is the largest university in South Florida, largest in the state and the fourth largest in the country.

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Situated in the bright city of Miami, you will never run out of things to do here. With the beach and the water sports being one of the main attractions, you can explore the plethora of activities that the city has to offer. One of the plus points of the university is that it has extremely good security throughout the campus. You have 24-hour foot security as well as vehicle patrol which makes it extremely safe. You also have late night shuttle services to make your commute easier.


Located in a huge 344 acres of land, the University has tones of infrastructure that is spread all around the campus. With student housing, administrative offices, parks and stadiums, FIU has all the facilities that you would need. Multiple libraries and the athletic areas such as the FIU Stadium, FIU Arena and the baseball stadiums are the main attractions. The engineering building is also famous for housing the university’s Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility.

Along with these, the campus also houses the Ronald Reagan Presidential House, the Wertheim Performing Arts centers, the Frost Art Museum and the International Hurricane Research Centre.

The campus has over 90 buildings, a palm arboretum and an extremely lush vegetation of over 15 acres. Balancing nature versus the modern buildings, you get to experience the old and new all rolled into one.

Residing Options

With almost 92% of the student population staying in the campus, there are multiple halls and residencies that are available for the students to choose and reside in. While the freshers get preference, the number of options goes up from your second year. Along with gender inclusive hostels and apartments that are available, all the residencies have few things in common.

You can find utilities such as a bed, air conditioning, study table, tv, closet, chair and more which is included in the rent. Along with these, you also get wifi and cable tv access. All the residences have a front desk with desk attendants, lounges where you can study, socialize or play games and a laundry room where cash as well as credit cards are accepted. With over 3,200 students staying in the campus residences, you can find the kind of housing you need with ease. The different residence halls has one, two, three and four bedroom suites and depending on the price, you can opt for a shared room or a single room in any of these halls.

A single room will cost up to $5,300 with a meal plan included whereas a shared room will cost around $4,600 inclusive of meal plans!

If you are keen on staying in a greek facility, there are more than 30 sororities and fraternities that you can join and experience the greek life!


Being in Miami means having to deal with the excessive heat and the downpour that occurs so often. While this can be hinder some to those who are not very familiar with such rapid weather changes, students from South Asian countries such as India will easily get acclimatized. The weather is warm and balmy throughout the year with constant rainfall for few months. Even the winters are not too severe so just be sure you carry a lot of sunscreen.

Faculty and pedagogy

The student-faculty ratio in FIU is 26:1 and only 22% of the classes have fewer than 20 students. Knowing the most popular subjects to be business, management, Social Sciences, Psychology and more, the faculty is well-versed in their subjects and offer top of the line education. Under the guidance of the Director S.S.Iyengar, the teaching staff of 46 covers a variety of subjects.

Financial aid

While the educational fees of the university can be quite high for out of the state and international students, there are a lot of scholarships available for the Hispanic and international community. With job opportunities available in the college itself, 71.8% of the students receive some form of financial aid.

Another way to get financial aid or get your tuition waived off is by being a research assistant or teachers assistant. Available mostly for graduate programs, the assistantships are offered on a competitive basis and you can either get a stipend or a part of your tuition is waived off for the same. You will need to work 20 hours a week for the assistantship to hold.

Jobs and placements

With a good retention rate, most of the students go on to be placed in extremely good jobs or come back to the university to complete their studies in the graduation or PhD level. While the difference in the degrees make up for the difference in salaries, the companies that come every year differ according to the amount of people who actually complete their degree in each year.


  • Andy Garcia- actor

  • Dennis Lehane- screenwriter
  • Manny Diaz- Mayor of Miami

  • TY Hilton- NFL player

  • Elizabeth Perez- Emmy award winning tv journalist

  • Verdict

    Although Florida International University has a large student body and a number of activities to enjoy, you need to see if the course you are interested in will give you the correct results. With a low succession rate by students, it is better to opt for this university if the courses offered are apt for your interest. If you are an international student, ensure that you have a good budget just for your fees as well or you will find it hard to cover your expenses every year.

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