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Forty minutes from London city airport, the main campus of Imperial College, London is in South Kensington. The campus is conveniently located in Central London, making it easily accessible by tube, bus or cycle routes. Students get 30% discount if they carry an Oyster Card for Students. One tip is to take a yearly rail-card to save money. On leisure days, you can get around London through the Thames River too.


Imperial is a compact institution located in the heart of Albertopolis. Out of the 36 buildings on campus, 30 are disabled friendly and easy to access. The library at Imperial, which remains open all night, deserves a special mention for being a five storied building equipped with good Wi-Fi, canteens, printing places, study rooms, conference rooms, etc. There are plenty green patches including an eminent landscaped square with their famous ‘Queen’s Tower’ at one end. This campus has a huge concentration of various cultural institutions with a varied architecture such as Natural History Museum, Royal College of Art, Royal College of Music, and Royal Geographical Society. As far as Sports facilities are concerned, they have four gyms, two swimming pools and two sports halls.

Residing Options

Imperial owns and manages 21 halls of residences in Inner London, Ealing, Ascot and Wye. A majority of halls provide single or double accommodation are for undergraduate students. Usually, ‘GradPad’ helps students hunt for housing based in two locations, Griffin Studios (22 minutes by bus/train) and Wood Lane Studios (25 minutes by bus/train), within a short distance from the campus. These apartments can cost from around £200 to £350 a month, depending on your choice of apartment style and occupancy preferences. London is an expensive city. Many students move out to Earl’s Court (20-25 minutes walk) or Hammersmith (slightly further) or Hyde Park to Bayswater to find comparatively affordable housing.


London winters, in spite of not being 'too cold', are known to be terribly gloomy. The reason is that it is dark most of the times and you don’t get any sunlight making it psychologically painful. Summers stay around 22-26 degrees (sometimes going above 30). It rains a lot because of Atlantic Ocean waves but not heavily. One should always be updated with weather forecasts (very accurate) to know what to expect because the speciality of London weather is that it can show you all four seasons in a single day.

Faculty and pedagogy

Faculty to Student ratio at Imperial is 3:11. Students find the faculty extremely knowledgeable and accessible whenever they need them. It is known for its STEM courses and alumni say that it is never going to be the wrong choice for engineering. Its immaculate pedagogy has produced 15 Nobel laureates, 2 Field Medallists, 70 Fellows of Royal Society, 82 Fellows of Royal Academy of Engineering and 78 Fellows of Academy of Medical Sciences. As far as studies are concerned, a con of being at one of the top world universities is that workload will be rigorous and one will struggle to find a balance. Imperial collaborates extensively with MIT for scientific research.

Financial aid

Fees for graduate students are about £14000. Indian students with excellent merit can apply for Commonwealth Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship and the Imperial India Scholarship. PhD students find it easier to get scholarships at Imperial. There are other Non-Imperial scholarships like Annual CG Trader Scholarship Program ($2000) and Activia Training Scholarship Program (£150 - £1,000).

Jobs and placements

Over 25% of international students from Taught Courses participated in Banking sector while over 45% of international students from Research courses went in the Education sector There are over 20 websites to find jobs, the most used are JobsLive, Academic Invest, All About Careers and My Job Search. Apart from this, there are field specific websites too, and the college website becomes an essential resource to navigate through the same.


  • Sir Alexander Fleming: Nobel Laurette
  • H.G. Wells: Author
  • Ian Read: CEO of Pfizer
  • Dame Davies: Chief Medical Officer of England


Imperial is one of the best universities in the world and there is no doubt in that. If you get through, there is hardly a second thought required unless you can’t afford London and cannot get a decent scholarship. A lot of students feel that Imperial is one of the best because it has an environment of academic excellence instead of being academically challenging and intimidating

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