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Keio University was established in 1858 as a school of western studies located in one of the mansion houses in Tsukiji by the founder Fukuzawa Yukichi. Currently, It is a private university located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan and it is also known as the oldest institute of modern higher education in Japan.

Keio University ranks 9th in the world in the Times Higher Education’s Alma Mater index. It is also ranked 34th position globally in the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) and 3rd in Asia. The University is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan and its Graduate School of Business Administration was granted accreditation by AACSB international in 2000 and has been granted renewal twice

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Keio University is a private university with six major campuses in Japan, along with a number of affiliated academic institutions on or near these campuses. In addition, the university also operates several Town Campuses and a high school in New York. Keio University is centrally located in Tokyo, it also has approximately 30 Research Centres located on its five main campuses and at other facilities for advanced research in Japan. It is a comprehensive academic enterprise located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Keio University also operate


Keio University has 11 campuses in Japan. The university's Shonan Fujisawa Campus also known as “Keio SFC” is located in the city of Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The campus offers three undergraduate courses, two postgraduate courses and incorporates one high school and several research institutes. The campus was designed by Fumihiko Maki, a Pritzker Prize laureate. The university’s Graduate School of Health Management, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and the Keio Shonan-Fujisawa Junior & Senior High School are all based on the Shonan Fujisawa campus. Other facilities you will find on the Keio SFC is the Keio Fujisawa Innovation Village SFC-IV and the Keio Research Institute. All campuses have good and highly advanced facilities such as libraries, multi-purpose classrooms, pharmacies, clinics, pubs, restaurants, halls, stores, open-style gymnasium, and communication plazas.

Residing Options

Keio University offers international students a range of residential options which vary in cost, location, and terms and condition. Private renting accommodations are also available for the students, all rooms including the university's dormitories are well furnished. An international student can apply to stay in one of the Keio  University dormitories which accept occupants twice a year. Daily assistance is given to students living in the dormitories by Japanese students who serve as resident assistants. The university will also assist students in finding their own accommodation.


The weather in Japan is generally temperate, with four distinct seasons: Japan's weather in winter is from December to February which is quite dry and sunny along the Pacific coast and the temperatures rarely drop below 0°C. The temperatures drop as you move north, with the Central and Northern regions experiencing snowfall.

Faculty and pedagogy

Keio University has a total of 2,604 academic full-time staff plus 2,722 administrative staff. The university also has 10 undergraduate faculties to cover a diverse range of academic disciplines. While promoting practical learning, each faculty applies themselves to the spirit of free thinking, offering creative and unique educational and research activities.

Financial aid

Keio University increases its scholarship fund each year. At 24 billion yen, the university’s scholarship fund is the largest in Japan. The money is used to award students with scholarships and they are not required to pay back. Keio University is actively working to stabilize the source of its scholarship fund

Jobs and placements

Keio University is considered one of the nation's best universities for producing job-ready graduates. Most of the university's graduates are already employed and earning good salaries. Job vacancies are also available at the university and the working environment is flexible.


  • Hirofumi Nakasone - Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Jon Richards - Wisconsin legislator
  • Tadamori Oshima - Minister of Agriculture
  • Wataru Takeshita - Minister for Reconstruction


Keio University is a very prestigious university in Japan, the institution has highly advanced educational resources and the classes are well taught. The only challenge you will encounter is the weather which is usually rainy with a high humidity and the summers are always too hot.

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