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Macquarie University, Sydney

New South Wales, Australia

Est. 1964

Ranked among top 20 universities in AUS

About Macquarie University, Sydney

Located in Sydney and established in the year 1964, the Macquarie University was just the third university that was established in metropolitan Sydney. It was also the first university in Sydney to follow the Bologna Accord degree system. The university has a total of 5 faculties along with the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Macquarie University Hospital that are situated on its main Sydney campus.
As far as the ranking of the university is concerned, the QS University Rankings has rated the university with 5 stars in 8 of its major categories.

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The main campus of the university is located in Macquarie suburb of Sydney and is around 16km from Sydney CBD. One of the main reasons for the development of this university is its close proximity to the industries located in Macquarie Park. You can find restaurants, cafes, bookshops, pubs, outdoor recreation activities and a lot more around the university to keep you entertained throughout your stay at the university. The Gaff on the Oxford street and Three Wise Monkeys on George street is where the students of the university generally hangout. Moreover, Sydney itself is a backpacker’s paradise and a number of backpacker places are located close to the university in Kings Cross.
If you prefer living in an off-campus accommodation, using the public transport system is the best way to reach to the university. There are regular bus services throughout the campus and multiple train stations are located close to the university. Moreover, there is also a new train station on the campus of the university which connects to the city.


The main campus of the university is spread across 126 hectares of parkland. Walt Abraham, the first architect of the university , carefully implemented a unique university design where you can reach from one part of the university to another within 10 minutes by walking.
The campus is also home to the Macquarie University Hospital which is the only not-for-profit, private hospital on the campus of an Australian university. To the south of the campus is the Macquarie University Research Park which is funded by the R&D Department situated on the campus. The research park is home to many companies, like Nortel Networks, Siemens, Dow Corning, etc. Close to the research park is the global headquarters of Cochlear Limited. The presence of these companies right on the campus of the university provides the students with a number of opportunities to learn, innovate and excel in academic life.
The Macquarie University Sports and Aquatic Center is located to the west of the campus and is home to a 50m outdoor pool and a 25m indoor pool. It also has badminton, squash, volleyball, netball and basketball courts. The Macquarie University Library is located to the east of the university and was the first university in Australia to have an ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System), where robotic cranes deliver the items from metal storage bins to the service desk.

Residing Options

The university has two residential colleges on the campus- Robert Menzeis College and Dunmore Lang College which have state-of-the-art accommodations with all the modern facilities. Apart from the on-campus accommodation, the university also manages a number of off-campus accommodations, like Dayman Apartments, Herring Road Apartments, Iglu and a new 80-room Macquarie University Village. If you are looking for other temporary accommodation, private accommodation or homestay near the campus, the university will provide you with all the support for the same. The best thing is, you can easily apply for all these above mentioned accommodations online.


Thanks to the temperate climate of Sydney, the university generally experiences mild winters and warm summers. January is the hottest month here, with an average temperature of 20 degree Celsius and June is the coldest month, where the average temperature drops to 10 degree Celsius. June is also the month that receives most amount of rainfall, averaging to 120mm. Even though the university has close proximity to ocean, the weather is still very mild and comfortable here. As a result, students are able to enjoy outdoor activities for most part of the year.

Faculty and pedagogy

While the courses offered by the university are challenging and intense, you will always have the support and guidance of some of most knowledgeable professors. Macquarie University is highly selective, not only when it comes to students, but professors as well. Many of the professors carry terminal degrees and are well-renowned in their fields. While there are some professors that still prefer using traditional teaching methods, overall, you will have an amazing learning experience at the university.

Financial aid

Macquarie is a public university and its tuition fee is slightly lower than the average of universities in Australia. To further help you out with the education expenses, the university also offers many different types of student loans and grants. However, you should be eligible to apply for one. While it is easier for locals and US nationals to apply for financial aid, things are a little difficult for Indian students. But if you have excellent academic history and are eligible, you too can receive financial aid.

Jobs and placements

As mentioned above, the campus of the university is home to a number of companies and it is surrounded by some of best Australian companies as well. There are career fairs where these companies handpick the best of talents and are known to offer amazing packages.


  • Yalda Hakim- Journalist
  • F. J. Duarte- Physicist
  • Rachael Carpani- Actress
  • Marc Wilkins- Scientist
  • David Murray- Businessman

  • Verdict

    Macquarie University consistently ranks among the top 2% of universities all over the world and is one of the best universities for international students. Its close proximity to a number of companies is definitely an advantage which makes it easier for the students to find jobs when they are done with their studies at the university. While it’s the locals that generally dominate at an international university, many of the local students agree that the international students have an upper hand here. You can surely use this to your advantage and easily blend in with the modern college life of the university. However, remember that the majority of the programs offered by the university are rigorous and you will be required to burn the midnight oil to excel.

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