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Although it’ll no doubt be fascinating and highly inspiring to read about MIT, it could also give you a serious inferiority complex. Because Massachusetts Institute of Technology is perhaps the best overall college in the world, and it makes sure its students are no less. To get into MIT, you need to be excellent in everything, and even that probably won’t be enough.
MIT is absolutely top-notch in everything, from infrastructure to faculty to extracurriculars to placements to alumni. An interesting bit of trivia: the aggregated revenues of companies founded by MIT alumni would rank as the eleventh largest economy in the world. Now, that's MIT.
We associate only one word with MIT - WOW.

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Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT is located on the north shore of the Charles River Basin. The campus is within 3 miles of two major interstate highways, and is less than 6 miles from Logan international airport. The Kendall (or MIT) Station is at a 5 minute walk from the campus. MIT is roughly a 20 minute walk from downtown Boston, and a 30–40 minute walk from Harvard University, which is located just up the river from the MIT campus.


MIT is a pretty self-sufficient student town, so to speak. The sheer magnificence of everything at MIT would certainly dazzle any common man. It’s spread over 168 acres and has everything a student could possibly ask for. There are close to 20 research centers on campus, which explore topics as varied as cancer research, ocean engineering, and soldier nanotechnologies. The infrastructure here is excellent, with top-of-the-line facilities for over 30 sports and other recreational facilities. The round-the-clock libraries are certainly among the best in the world, with over 3 million volumes covering a range of topics.

Residing Options

MIT also has world-class accommodation available for 4000 students in its hostels. These may be slightly expensive, though, so some students prefer living off campus, where the rents are slightly more affordable.


If there’s any negative about MIT, then this is it. The climate here is of the continental type. Massachusetts receives about 40 inches of rain annually, fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, slightly wetter during the winter.Summers are warm with average high temperatures in July about 26.7 °C and overnight lows about 15.5 °C. Winters are pretty cold though, with temperatures often going sub-zero.

Faculty and pedagogy

Isn’t it obvious, really?
MIT is known to have The Best faculty in the world. A number of faculty members are Nobel Laureates and even the others are highly renowned in academic circles.
The methods of teaching are ever-evolving and self-updating. A lot of importance is given to research, and MIT accordingly has commendable facilities for extensive research.

Financial aid

Well even if scholarships were available, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be getting them unless you’ve done something absolutely extraordinary, like leading your country to a gold medal in some sport, or discovering a new element or two. Or maybe if you’re the next Albert Einstein.

Jobs and placements

What do you think?
All top companies from various sectors hire from MIT, and at hair-raising salaries.
There are a number of on-campus part-time jobs that you can do. Assisting professors, helping out in the library, teaching juniors – all of these are common things students do to ‘get by’. Devoting a few hours a week isn’t too difficult, and part-time jobs really don’t stress you out much either. It’s all very doable.


  • S.K.Kirloskar- Founder of Kirloskar Group
  • Victor Menezes - Senior Vice-Chairman Citigroup


Come on. It’s MIT. MIT! Do you really need us to say something?

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