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Being the alma mater of 36 Nobel Prize winners is no mean feat! New York University has accomplished this amazing achievement in its 185 years of existence. Not only that, New York University has been attended by some of the most renowned actors and directors of Hollywood. NYU is a breeding ground of great thinkers and stars of the future! It ranks #28 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

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The main buildings of the New York University are located around the Washington Square Park in New York City. The Washington Square Park is right in the heart of Greenwich Village. Though the Washington square section is the main part of the university, there is also a second community that was built in the 90’s around the Union Square area, just a few blocks away from the main campus at Washington Square.


The New York University comprises of a campus which sprawls over 230 acres of land that is dedicated solely to the numerous historical buildings of this illustrious University. There are several buildings which are as old as the University itself and that itself is a sight worth seeing! Apart from the historical context, the over-all infrastructure of the University is as modern as it can get in terms of facilities and organisation.

Residing Options

The 20 residence halls of NYU houses over 11000 under-graduate and graduate resident students. Apart from the old halls, many of these residential buildings are actually refurbished hotels and apartments. There are different categories of private, semi-private and dormitory style rooms which are all quite spacious and comfortable.


The weather in New York has wide variations with hot summers and snowy winters. Temperatures can range from 20 degree Fahrenheit in the winters to over 45 degree Fahrenheit in summers.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty at NYU is outstanding and are regarded as the best you can get anywhere in the world in their respective fields. There is no dearth of brilliant teachers in this University and every professor is a gem that has been polished over many years of teaching experience!
There is also a Distinguished teaching award at the NYU which honours exceptional teachers from every school under the university, both under-graduate and graduate.

Financial aid

NYU grants over $133 million every year in scholarships and grants for deserving students. Apart from the scholarships, there are loan facilities as well for those want to study in this university.

Jobs and placements

Needless to add, the students of NYU are all placed with some of the most reputed and leading organization in the world. Students looking for placements abroad can take advantage of the Dubai campus of NYU. There is a placement test conducted at the university and students are placed according to their aptitude. Some of the students from Tisch School of Arts have gone on to become world renowned artists in their own rights.


  • Julius Axelrod, Gertrude B. Elion and Clifford Shull
  •  Frank McCourt
  •  Josef Singer
  •  Martin Scorsese
  •  John Patrick Shanley
  •  Lewis E. Little
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Angelina Jolie


The courses offered by the New York University derive heavily from the liberal arts foundation that this college is known for. Although there are now even medical colleges and Business schools under this university, there is a lot of focus on promoting the liberal arts as specialized branches.
Taking the decision to study at NYU may be the best decision of a student’s life, given the reputation and history of this world-renowned university. The environment, faculty and world-class programs at NYU

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