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Northeastern University is a private research Institution located in Boston, Massachusetts, started in 1898. It’s a popular university option for many international students. Most of the courses offered by this university are highly rated, and we believe that this has a lot to do with its strategic location. It ranks #202 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

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NEU is located in Downtown Boston, which is definitely one of the busiest and exciting places in the world. Nearby you also have Boston University, which means that you are in the midst of about 2,00,000 students at any given point of time. Quite astonishing, really.


Northeastern University has often been considered a model of design for urban universities and has twice won the Most Beautiful New or Renovated Exterior Space Award. It has a fantastic recreation centre, complete with a gymnasium and courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton and futsal. The library was opened in 1990 and consists of a whopping 1.3 million volumes. The campus also has a Spiritual Life Centre and Sacred Space.

Residing Options

Although the university does provide accommodation for International students, most Asians prefer living off campus for affordability reasons. The standard Off Campus areas to stay are Allston, Back Bay, Fenway, and Jamaica Plain where the charges are $800-$1000 per month. You can choose to share an apartment with multiple people to help reduce overall cost of rent.


Boston has snowy weather for a major part of the year. Fall is the best period as the temperature is quite average and bearable. Sometimes, it snows during summer. Weird!

Faculty and pedagogy

Northeastern University faculty members are world renowned and have also achieved international recognition for teaching and research. Among their faculty are a former Presidential candidate, a Pulitzer Prize Winner and other highly decorated scholars. <br> Northeastern University is known for its integration of classroom learning with real world experience. The university houses for more than 35 research and education centres. Even so, there are some sub-par professors, as with every university. But don't loose hope, they too are very helpful!

Financial aid

Being a private university, and a pretty good one, NEU isn’t exactly too generous when it comes to dishing out scholarships. But you can certainly get by if you don’t mind giving some time to Teaching Assistance or Research Assistance.

Jobs and placements

Northeastern University has really good placements. A large number of fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Intuit, Proctre & Gamble, Disney, etc. visit the campus and offer excellent packages.


  • Richard Egan - Co-founder, EMC
  • Biz Stone - Co-founder, Twitter
  • Bob Graham - Former EVP, Sun Microsystems


Fantastic university, even better city. Should be within your sights if you have a decent profile, and should certainly be a preferred option.

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