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Queen's University (popularly known as ‘Queen's') is a public research university at Kingston, Canada. Offering 10 undergraduates, graduate and professional schools. It is known for many academic areas including computation science and engineering, globalisation studies, mental health, clinical sciences, environment and sustainable energy and social issues. Two of their largest programs are ‘social sciences' and ‘engineering'. Their Latin motto in literal English translation would mean, ‘Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times’.

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The city of Kingston, which houses Queen's University, is in eastern Ontario. Kingston is known for its 21 National Heritage Sites. In the south, there is Lake Ontario and Kingston General Hospital. The city parks are in the East and in all surrounding directions, there are residential neighbourhoods called the ‘Kingston Student Ghetto'. The University is only 200 km from Ottawa, about 250 km from Toronto and 300 km from Montreal. Biking in Kingston is the easiest, quickest mode of transport. Nevertheless, the public transport is on a larger scale than a city of Kingston’s size would need. Students observe that the buses are clean but a little late. Being a mid-size city, Kingston doesn’t have an airport.


Spread across 3500 acres, Queen’s has a lush green campus with the buildings in Kingston varying in age; some date back to 1839 (Summer Hill) and others can be as recent as 2011 (Queen's School of Medicine). Queen's is known for its well-maintained, historic limestone buildings. Grant Hall, which is used to host events, meetings, exams and convocations, is the most common landmark of Queen's University. Campus walks in Queen University are a common sight, and strolls near the 'Theology Society' and the 'Principal's Residence' are the most recommended out of all.

Residing Options

There are 17 residences which are home to 4500 graduate and undergraduate students. Out of all the housing options, Smith’s dorm seems to be one of the best. Built in 2015, it has a private washroom, tv etc. Victoria Hall (largest), Jean Royce and Waldron Tower are also recommended. Most residences on-campus are about 10-min walk from the classes and the libraries, the athletics centre and dining halls. In fact, most of the off-campus housing (whether owned by Queen’s or not) is just a 20-min walk away from the campus. Living off campus may cost you about CAD 18000 per year, which is quite cheaper than the on-campus housing.


Kingston is consistently categorised as one of the most ‘windy' cities in Canada. In summers, the temperature can reach up to 34 degree Celsius and the winters can be worse at -34 degree Celsius. Over the years, Kingston has seen more rains than snow. During autumn, the leaves of the Virginia creeper on the buildings at Queen’s turn red and the maple trees range from bright yellow to bright red, making the campus breathtakingly beautiful. Interestingly, Queen’s University has its own weather station.

Faculty and pedagogy

Having over 3000 faculty members, Queen’s is known for its helpful professors who are willing to even help outside the classrooms during office hours. Students find it difficult to select courses due to software issues. Examination styles may not be as diverse and memorization is at the Centre of the learning process. Queen’s Nursing, Health Sciences, MBA and Mining Engineering are ranked as some of the top programs in the world.

Financial aid

The tuition fees for graduate courses are about CAD 14000 per year and Average CAD 34000 including living expenses, books and supplies. There are special awards available for international students who need extreme financial support or show extraordinary academic performance. The college claims that majority of Master's students in research degree programs also receive substantial funding support. There are some options available by the route of Ontario Government Scholarships.

Jobs and placements

Key sectors at Kingston are healthcare, education, government services, tourism, culture and industry. The Full-time MBA program at Queen's is now top notch (ranked 2nd in Canada). Employability surveys mark Queen's at 5th in Canada. Surveys say that above 90% of Queen’s students get placed in six months of graduation. Queen’s graduates earn an average of CAD 70,000 five years down the line, which is higher than the national average.


  • Elon Musk: Businessman, Investor
  • Rachel Blanchard: Canadian Actress
  • Jeffrey Simpson: Journalist


Overall, the faculty is helpful and the overall culture is welcoming. Practical versus theoretical is an ongoing discussion in the education world but in comparison perhaps other reputable universities have struck a better balance there. Apart from that, the economy is heavily leant towards government jobs so, in that aspect, other cities are better than London. Students must make their choice after taking these things into consideration.

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