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The Santa Clara University was established in the year 1851 and has a highly illustrious history of education and social service. The motto of this Jesuit University reads ‘For the greater glory of God’ (translated from English) and true to this inspiring line, this University in California has always strived towards brightening the lives of the many generations that have passed out over the last 164 years of its glorious existence.

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The Santa Clara University is located in Santa Clara, California, United States. The city of San Jose lies just next to Santa Clara County where this University is housed.


The climate in this part of California varies widely from summer months to winters. The minimum temperature is around 6 degrees during winters and maximum temperatures are around 97 degrees during summers. Therefore summers can be very arid and hot while winters can be freezing.

Faculty and pedagogy

The Santa Clara University has a treasure-house of the most experienced and reputed faculty in California. The University is home to around 522 full-time faculty. The knowledge imparted by each of the professors at the SCU is combined with the latest pedagogy which gives students an opportunity to adapt to real-world situations without any effort. There are many world-renowned faculty in the University as well and their expertise in their own field bestows them with a vast expanse of knowledge that is very helpful to the students here!

Financial aid

Student loans are available at the Santa Clara University for students who wish to apply. There are plenty of scholarships, departmental grants and federal loans as well for deserving students at the University.

Jobs and placements

The placements of the Santa Clara University are always conducted towards the end of the educational year. Most of its students get placed in leading companies and organisations. Many of its alumni have gone on to open up successful firms of their own!


  • Andy Ackerman (TV personality)
  • Jack Kuehler (former president and vice chairman of IBM)
  • Fred Franzia, CEO, Bronco Wine Company
  • Jerry Brown (Governor of California)
  • Khaled Hosseini (Author)
  • Kelly Moore (Author)


The Santa Clara University leaves a lasting impact on its students, both in terms of educational as well as cultural values. The varied curriculum and amazing faculty make for the perfect combination for a successful career in whichever field you wish to pursue.

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