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Singapore institution of technology (SIT) was founded by the ministry of education in 2009 and was later given its autonomous university chatter in 2014. It is an autonomous institution of applied learning that offers students with specialized degrees. The Singapore institution of technology has partnered with 5 local polytechnics and world-class universities. Regardless of its short history, the university has attracted attention from various parts of the world due to their offered special degrees. The major aim of this institution is to offer industry education in the region. The Singapore institution of technology Act has given students willing to join certificates, diplomas or degree courses a chance to pursue their careers.

Now that it is an autonomous university, the Singapore institution of technology has been given a charter enabling them to offer degrees in their own name. SIT has been lately ranked position 5870 in the world ranking program. Some of the courses offered by SIT include Bachelor of Engineering with honors in naval Architecture Offshore Engineering, Bachelor of Science in computer science and Game Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation and many more.

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The Singapore institution of technology is located in Dover, Singapore. It is a small district but full opportunities. There are several tertiary institutions and schools where many people opt to live and study there. With little commotion it means students get to enjoy the calmness of the town. The town may seem small but the rate of development has been increasing due to the increased number of institutions. The transportation system is quite impressive. There are good networks of road connecting various parts of the city. Restaurants, cafes, and other relaxation joints can be seen in various parts of the street.


SIT has a library fully facilitated with modern equipment. Research facilities are also available. The library is staffed with a team of competent workers who are professionally trained. There are other structures on campus which serve various purposes. These include administrative buildings, multipurpose halls, lecture rooms, laboratories etc.

Residing Options

The university offers a number of housing options to students. These include single room apartments, shared apartments, among others. Each room is well furnished with the basic facilities that are needed to sustain each student’s comfort. Interested students are expected to approach the management to secure a space on time. The prices are listed online where you can get more information concerning the rooms.


The climate in Singapore is usually hot, overcast, and oppressive. Over the course of the year, the temperature usually varies from 76°F to 89°F and is rarely above 92°F or below 75°F. Here, the temperature varies so little throughout the year that it is of no use discussing hot and cold seasons. The wetter season extends from March 28 to January 1, with a more than 43% chance of a given day being a wet day. The drier season extends from January 1 to March 28. The smallest chance of a wet day is about 25% on February 10. The most rain falls occur around December 5, with an average total accumulation of about 9.8 inches; while the least rain falls occur around February 19, with an average total accumulation of about 4.3 inches.

Faculty and pedagogy

Singapore institution of technology in Singapore has a faculty to student ratio of 1:41, comprising of 146 academic staff and 6,000 students. The members of the academic staff in the institution are professionally skilled in their career.

Financial aid

SIT believes in nurturing students who are talented and has an excellent academic background. They do this by providing scholarships, students who have excelled academically; those with strong leadership and talents can try their lack by applying through the university’s website. This is a very tight spot since the university is not in a position to support everyone who applies.

Jobs and placements

This is a young institution that has met other institutions in operation but within a short period of time, SIT has produced qualified alumni who at the moment have occupied prominent seats in large companies. Quality is the key and SIT has managed to meet what other institutions are struggling to get.

Crowd and campus life

Life Singapore institution of technology is interesting. All the students are friendly and disciplined. Those who join the university find it enjoyable since there is no pressure of feeling like a stranger. The campus atmosphere is cool and lively. The residents are lovely and friendly to the students. The university has made life better by providing all the facilities required for any learning purposes. Several extracurricular activities take place on the campus from time to time with the aim of releasing students of stress associated with academic work.


  • Cherine Siew - A specialist in Embedded Systems and Data Encryption
  • Bee Ching Kong - A specialist in Electronics Circuit Design and Testing (DCM and Information Systems for Automotive Industry)
  • Choon Lee Chew - Electronics Circuit Design and Semiconductor Fabrication


Regardless of this institution being new, it is very unique with the best offers in both local and private universities in Singapore. The university may not be a famous institution but once you get to learn more about it, you will get a better perspective of the quality of education. The campus environment is quite impressive. The school is okay; however, there are one or two drawbacks. First, the student’s populations greatly outnumber faculty strength. Secondly, the weather is quite hot throughout the year.

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