Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Illinois, United States

Est. 1957

About Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Established in 1957, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, which is popularly known as The “E” to students on campus, is an extension of the celebrated Southern Illinois Carbondale. It is the smaller and a much younger version of the major institutions which are a part of the University’s system.
An incredibly esteemed university, the “E” earns many grants and other academic contracts for the purposes of research, teaching, etc. In 2014 itself, the university obtained 185 of the same for its over-eager student population. These particular grants from prestigious agencies such as National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Departments of Education and Health Human Services, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, andthe National Institutes of Health.
As far as rankings go, this university has obtained an impressive rank as well. It is ranked eighth in the country. It also has service initiative which are worth more than thirty-four million dollars.

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The university, also known as SIUE, is located in Edwardsville, Illinois, in the United Sates. An exceptional institute aimed at academic prowess, it is a coeducational university at the undergraduate level, and it is also a public Master’s college at a higher level.


The Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville stands on a total area of around 2660 acres of land which is dominated by lush green grass and trees. This whole expanse makes the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville one of the biggest universities in the entire USA. On this very land stand some of the important academics related infrastructure which this university boasts of. Almost all the academic buildings are located on the south of the campus and take up 77 acres of land. The campus consists of a Science Building Complex which provides the necessary infrastructure to science based departments like Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Statistics, and Mathematics along with Engineering, Technology etc.
The Dunham hall is the place which takes care of art based disciplines like Music, Communication, Theater and Dance etc. This place is fully equipped with music studios, theater workshops and studios, student television studio, video editing lab, multimedia room etc. The Engineering Building consists of laboratories, lecture halls and offices of some of the members of the faculty. The Science Building Complex consists of classrooms, laboratories where scientific experiments are conducted along with the offices of the faculty members working in this discipline.
This University also houses the Lovejoy Library which was named after Elijah Parish Lovejoy. This library came into being in the year 1965 and as on date consists of over 800,000 books out of which roughly 600,000 of these are in book form while the remaining around 200,000 books are in micro-film form. This library has a spacious area consisting of four floors.

Residing Options

Residence comprises of a few residence corridors alongwith Cougar Village. These are the college's on-grounds condo. All undergraduate housing facilities are built like suites. Each of these offers social parlors and numerous administration units, for example, Learning Resource Centers and PC labs. Understudy lodging encompasses the scholarly structures in the centre of SIUE grounds.
Prairie and Forest Hall serve as first year student residences, giving lodging to a consolidated 1,000 understudies. Forest Hall was inaugurated in 1994. Hence, is the most seasoned home corridor. It is home to 500 green beans students. Forest Hall also has a little bistro, Woodland Cart. This eatery serves as a good hang-out spot. Interest Communities that essentially focus on freshmen (bunches in view of scholastic majors or basic hobby) are widely spread out in the three home lobbies. Prairie Hall houses 500 first year understudies. It has a PC lab and meeting rooms alongwith Interest Communities that are focused on Freshmen. Evergreen and Feign Halls that lie near the Circle Drive , are the most up to date living arrangement corridors on SIUE grounds.
For people not up for the conventional, dormitory style living arrangement corridors, Cougar Village is an understudy loft that opened its doors in 1970. Situated along the Cougar Lake , the complex is comprises of over 500 flats in 62 structures that house roughly 1,500 college understudies, graduate understudies, and residents families. Cougar Village additionally incorporates the Commons Building, situated in the center complex. This contains a data work area, Convenience Store ,clothing offices, a parlor, a PC lab, as well as the Common's Grill.
The Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville offers its students with the option of providing off campus accommodations as well. Along with it, the university also provides guidance in the form of helpful tips to students in order to ensure that they do not fall in any trap. Some of the apartments which are posted on the university’s off campus accommodation website are AXIS Edwardsville, The Edge, Enclave, Fox Meadow Ln Glen Carbon, 157 S. Main Street Glen Carbon, 1058 Enclave Boulevard etc. The average cost of accommodations in these localities falls somewhere around $700.


Weather is Illinois is mostly pleasant for students over the summer. This remains so up until the autumn months when things turn a bit chilly. Students may face a snowy and extremely cold winter. However, for people who love the snow and the sun, this is a great place to live and get their education. For people coming from more tropical climes, the weather might prove to be a bone of contention initially. However, it is nothing that one cannot get used to given that they are outfitted in the proper attire.

Faculty and pedagogy

The University has a board of stellar staff who are firmly included in the advancement of the understudies. Aside from being splendid personalities, the personnel are likewise effectively agreeable and well-liked by students. The understudy educator ratio is not very substantial, and the understudies leave individual communications having gained the workforce with a superior comprehension of the current subject.
In extra to such incredible staff, the college likewise has various showing assets for the advantage of both the understudies and the personnel alike. These are most useful in the event that anyone needs the administration of any.

Financial aid

SIUE offers any multiple solutions to meet the monetary shortcomings of many of its students. High tuition costs are always a challenge associated with higher education. Therefore, the university offers as much need based aid as possible. In addition, it also has merit based scholarships and grants for deserving applicants. For students who need extra monetary assistance, there are a number of on-campus jobs where they can work part time to help with their finances.
The Dean of the Graduate School of the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville is the approving authority when it comes to selecting students as Graduate Assistants. Such Assistants can be appointed either on full time basis or part time. Students appointed as Assistants qualify for full waiver of tuition fees and also become eligible for University openings as well along with a fixed stipend which can takes care of their living and other expenses.

Jobs and placements

The career services division of the university organizes events like career fairs where students get part time and well as student work opportunities. They also offer a variety of career assistance services like career chat, internships, on-campus job interviews, resume assistance, interview training etc. Each college has a placement centre that helps students gain relevant employment. Average salary post graduation here is at an average of $40,000- $50000. This is higher than the average that holds for 4- year public college in Illionis.


Southern Illionis University proudly boasts of some of the below noteworthy alumini:

  • Curt Jones, a renouned businessman

  • James Belushi, comedian/actor

  • Bil Dwyer, comedian/actor

  • Open Mike Eagle, rap artist

  • Albert E. Mead, fifth governor of Washington

  • Ashraf Amaya,  NBA player (former)

And many more from the field of Politics, academics, business and art and music!


Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, has proven itself to be one of the best universities that the United States can proudly boast of. It has received glowing accreditations. It has a stellar faculty and great academic programs, and any student (whether at the undergraduate or the graduate level) can safely apply to this institution to benefit from what it has to offer.

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