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About State University of New York at Binghamton

Beginning its journey as the Triple Cities College in 1946, the growth of State University of New York (SUNY) has been quick and prolific. Started as a fledgling college and a part of the Syracuse University, SUNY quickly became one of the top colleges in recent times.
Having started off as a college for veterans returning from World War II< the college now offers a liberal art course that is unparalleled. Offering courses that range from the arts to education and specialised sciences, you can get the course you are interested in, pretty easily.
SUNY also has a very distinctive Faculty Masters course as one of its main attractions. Known as one of the top public institutions in the country, SUNY has been slowly getting global recognition for its infrastructure and the types of courses that it offers.

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Situated in Vestal, New York, the colleges have more of a suburban setting as compared to the urban setting you might have imagined.
You have foot and vehicle patrol at all times and there are dedicated buses and more to help you travel across the campus even on late nights. It also contains a women’s health centre and more, and is known for the safety it provides to all people. One unique feature is the blue light system. Every five hundred metres, there is a blue light button which when pressed summons a police officer to be there in less than a minute! This is a huge advantage when you are alone.


The infrastructure and place of SUNY is something that is wonderful to behold. Spread across 930 acres, the campus has housing for the undergraduate students which is mandatory. With 190 acres of preserved forests, woods, wetlands, lakes and more, you have the opportunity to truly connect with nature without losing touch of the modern world as well.
SUNY has five centres with libraries, research labs and more taking up the center stage. The science block also has a huge greenhouse. Along with this, the University also has art centres and art museums.

Residing Options

There are six residential options for the undergraduate students studying in SUNY. You get to decide whether you want to live in the corridor dorms with single and double sharing rooms or go for the suites that also have single and sharing rooms available. Since they are spread across the campus, each of the residential buildings also have classrooms and tutoring centres for those who need it.
Each community comes with some basic amenities such as bed, table, chair, wifi, a/c, cupboard and cable tv. You also get the option of free laundry which is a big plus for the students!
If you are interested in the Greek Life, SUNY has a large and extremely active Greek Life too. You can try out for the same however, it is known that the Greeks and the others do not really interact or mingle very well.
Additionally, you can explore living off campus as well. This arrangement differs from apartment to apartment. While your financial aid will cover the cost of your rent, you need to realize that living off campus will be more expensive in the beginning due to renting furniture, renters insurance, food, bills and more. The average cost of living off campus is around $8,090.
Your financial aid will not cover your first month and last month’s rent. It will be hard to get rent for the months that the university is closed as well so a decision such as this means you need to plan your finances in advance.


The weather at Binghamton can be considered to be pleasant almost all year round With an average high of 54.3F in the summers and an average low of 38F in the winters, you might always need a light jacket to keep your warm.
While the summers are something everyone is used to, international students might find it hard to get acclimatised to the winter here. With snow being a common phenomenon, it is advised to be prepared with the right clothes so that you do not face the coldness head on.
It rains a good amount in the months of August to October with an average rainfall of 39.32 inches.

Faculty and pedagogy

With a student-teacher ratio of 20:1, there is a 43.9% chance of you attending classes with just 20 students or lesser. This makes for more interaction between the students and the faculty and you can always approach them for help and advice, when needed.
With established authors such as david Sloan Wilson (Evolution for Everyone), Guggenheim fellow Isodore Okpewho, distinguished professor of Africana Studies, nationally recognised professors such as Jessica Fridrich (electrical engineering) and Francis J.Yammarino (Director, Center of Leadership Studies), you can be sure that you are getting top-notch education.

Financial aid

With almost 49% percent of the student body getting some form of financial aid or the other, it is not hard to get the kind of aid you need here. The average amount that you can get as financial aid is around $8,065.
The university offers Teaching Assistants as well as Research Assistant scholarships for those who are seen as deserving candidates. You can get a stipend for exchange of 10 or 20 hours every week or the position will be in exchange for tuition. This is another opportunity for those who cannot afford the international tuition.

Jobs and placements

With the Fleishman Centre for Career and Professional Development, you get the know-how of applying for internships and jobs from the get go. The average salary for a bachelors degree is around $47,000 and can go up to $90,000. More than half of the graduating students have high paying jobs.


  • Arnold J Levine, President of Rockfeller University
  • Karthik Sivakumar, Indian actor
  • Ingrid Michaelson, musician
  • Robyn Adele Anderson, primary vocalist for PostModern Jukebox
  • Amy Dacey, CEO of DNC

  • Verdict

    SUNY has a lot of advantages under its kitty. With a huge campus, dedicated forests and reserves, studying amongst nature is a huge plus on its own. It has a wide scope and the turnout is known for its pros rather than the cons. So, if you are looking at SUNY Binghamton, the choice is a no-brainer.

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