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Established in 1870 by Edwin Augustus Stevens, Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) is one of the first coeducational, private universities that was exclusively devoted to the field of mechanical engineering and is one of the most ancient universities in the United States of America. SIT admits over 5000 graduate and undergraduate students from all over the world. It runs 3 national Centers of Excellence as entitled by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Defence. The university is now headed by Dr. Nariman Farvardin who took over the office on July 1st, 2011 and is the seventh president of SIT.

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Situated in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States, with its satellite location at Washington, D.C., SIT's campus encompasses the highest point of the Hoboken city known as the Castle Point and various other buildings surrounding the city. Since SIT is located in one of the most well-known cosmopolitan areas, dropping by for a visit is nothing but suitable and pleasant. There are sufficient options of hotels in Hoboken and countless options of hotels in New York if you wish to stay for a couple of days at either of the places. Getting to the university is a cake walk with three large-scale airports closeby and sufficient rail connections to the New York City.


Hoboken, New Jersey has an adequate number of 220 sunny days. The temperature varies from 85 degrees in July to 26 degrees in January with an average rainfall and snowfall of 48 and 26 inches respectively. The Sperling's comfort index for the city is 62 on 100 which indicates that the climate is comfortable throughout the year.

Financial aid

Over sixty-four percent of the graduates receive need-based financial aid and the average grant awarded is 12,278 dollars. There are various options of financial aids including the need-based aid known as the Stevens grant which is awarded to those who still need financial help in spite of having all workable sources of scholarships and grants. This is exclusively available for the full-time graduates and their eligibility is re-evaluated every year depending on the yearly FAFSA ( Free Application for Federal Student Aid ) submission and the student's financial need. There are also other options of financial aid like TMS plans for the undergraduate, private loans etc.


  • Samuel P. Bush, railroad and steel executive, ancestor of the Bush family, Public servant
  • Charles Stewart Mott, co-founder of General Motors Corporation
  • Henry Gantt, Founder of the Gantt chart
  • Eugene McDermott, Founder of Texas Instruments
  • Aaron Cohen, Director of NASA, 1986-1993


With a 55 acre campus size, SIT has a hilltop campus overlooking the swanky skyline of Manhattan with bright classrooms, a cutting-edge IT and a world-renowned school library. The college focuses on sustainability and it was awarded the STARS ( Sustainability Tracking and Rating System ) Silver ranking by the AASHE ( Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education ). It's been named as a ‘Green College' by the Princeton Review. The infrastructure is built considering the sustainability factors like recycling, energy conservation, and efficiency. It strives to offer top-notch facilities for a top-notch education.
SIT is now undertaking development and expansion of the university to provide world-class infrastructure and facilities to the students and the faculty. This is partly being facilitated by a whopping amount of 19.25M dollars of capital development funds, granted by the Department of Higher Education and New Jersey State Legislature. SIT's new computing facility involves a high-performance data center with a thorough upgrading of the wireless and wired networks. They've also constructed new offices for the faculty, classrooms and seminar halls with an ABS Engineering Center which is a research and teaching facility with study halls, engineering labs etc. A four-floored expansion to the existing garage space known as the Babbio Center Garage has been created to increase the capacity.

Residing Options

Stevens provides the best of both an urban styled and a confined living. The Princeton Review has rated the Hoboken town as one of the best college towns in the country because of it's vibrant, people friendly environment.
The students of Stevens have at least twenty diverse options of housing to choose from including the on-campus residences and apartment facilities in the 55-acre residential campus in Hoboken, New Jersey. There are seven residential halls in the campus with ten leased properties around the city and three different kinds of special interest housing that are comfortably located close to the campus.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty to student ratio at SIT is 1:10 which is one of the best among the top colleges of the country in comparison to the national average of 14. The university has a lot more full-time teachers as compared to most schools around with over 65 percent of the professors tutoring full time at the university. Stevens Institute of Technology is dedicated to building a robust, long-term pedagogical team which is indicated by it's below average reliance on the part-time professors.

Jobs and placements

Awarded for "Best Career Placement" from the Princeton review's "2017 colleges that pay you back", SIT's highly conformant graduate and undergraduate programs create highly bankable graduates with over 96 percent of the students receiving graduate school acceptances, job offers or achieve other positive results within a short span of six months after graduating. The problem-solving inclination of the university develops the students into dynamic problem-solvers meeting the compelling needs of the industry, society, and business. This is one of the major reasons why the students of Stevens get heavily recruited. Reportedly, over 330 students got recruited last year on campus. A coefficient education program and a flourishing internship gives the students of Stevens a competitive edge in the corporate world. The extremely skilled students of Stevens create dynamic solutions in the present day's complex technical environment.


With so many top-notch awards and rankings under its belt, Stevens Institute of Technology has left no stone unturned when it comes to being the best at what it does. Be it the infrastructure, education system, research programs, academic planning, sustainable living etc., it strives to strike the right balance between work and fun. This is evident with the statistical figures of the student placements, faculty ratios, sustainable management and a five-year report on its academic progress, which is available on the website.

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