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Est. 1884

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Located on 1801 N. Broad Street of Pennsylvania and boasting the presence of 131 years of providing highest quality of academic standards is the Temple University. Initially, this university was started by Reverend Russell Conwell in 1884 who tutored a young boy at night due to his day long job. However, as years passed by, the number of students started increasing with each gradual passing year till date. However, it was only in the year 1888 that this University received a formal charter of incorporation.

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Temple University is the most of the largest urban college in Philadelphia. Today, this prestigious Temple University is spread across on a vast area of 382 acres of land and stands tall with as many as 17 schools and colleges, nine campuses and 40000 odd students studying more than four hundred different courses in this esteemed University. Temple University can thus be regarded as a perfect ‘Mecca’ for all the students who have the passion and zeal to make their career prosper.

Residing Options

Owing to the large number of international students coming to Temple University for pursuing diverse courses and degrees, this University offers well managed hostel facilities which takes utmost care of all its international students. While it is completely optional for freshmen students to live ‘on-campus’, yet many students don’t miss the once in a lifetime kind of an opportunity of staying on-campus due to the rich exposure which they receive while studying and working on campus.
Apart from this, this University also offers facilities like women’s center, placement services, health services, 24-hour emergency telephone lines, 24-hour security, transport or escort services and such other facilities. So practically all things no matter how minor they are taken care of at Temple.


Generally speaking, the city of Philadelphia experiences humid weather with very hot summers and mostly no dry season for most time during the year. The temperature of this city varies from somewhere between – 4 degrees Celsius to as much as 30 degrees Celsius. Although rarely, but the temperature does dip to – 11 degrees Celsius or above 34 degree Celsius. Comparatively speaking, January is the coolest month of the year while July is the warmest month of the year in Philadelphia.

Faculty and pedagogy

Temple University is rich with well educated and qualified team of professors and other academic staff. Be it any field of study, this University vows to keep the quality of education intact. So, be rest assured that you will receive nothing but the best theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure which any student desires to experience. Apart from this, the libraries and software which Temple offers its students is well resourced and up to date in order to help students keep abreast of everything happening around them.

Jobs and placements

When you get admitted to Temple University, the highly driven and student friendly Career section of this University conduct some University Placement Tests even before the start of your first semester. The purpose of conducting such a test is for them to ascertain and understand the basic skill set which the student has and the skill sets which he or she needs to develop in order to become more employable. Some of the areas covered in these tests are English, Maths and Foreign Languages along with a Student questionnaire which is supposed to be filled online. Depending upon the course which the student is studying, the areas of tests might change. Like for instance, for engineering related courses, Maths is involved, while for courses in Liberal Arts, testing of knowledge on foreign languages is a pre-requisite.In addition to this, there is an Office of Field Placement on campus which continuously guides and assists students in helping them understand and get involved in all such things and activities which will help in making them more career ready than just being job ready. So all the prospective students thinking of pursuing any course or degree from Temple University, there’s one more reason why Temple University stands apart from the rest because for any student, getting right career guidance is a must.


Every year there are thousands of graduates who pass from Temple University and then move on to become experts in their chosen field. These alumni make Temple University all the more lucrative as a place of pursuing your further studies. Some of the distinguished alumni who made Temple University are Mr. Palleen Raju, who completed his MBA from this very University and went on to become the Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) of India in 2014. Apart from him, the popular television sitcom star Mr. Kunal Nayyar who starred as the popular character of Mr. Raj Koothrappali in the Big Bang Theory also completed his Masters in Fine Arts in Acting from this reputed University.
Temple University has one of the highest graduation rate coupled with cutting edge technology and infrastructure which are required for imparting world class quality of education one of the most favored study destination for all students keen of pursuing studies overseas. Taking all these factors in due consideration, Temple University was ranked as one of the top 11th University by the U.S. News and World Report while Forbes has ranked it in the top 160 at position 157 as a Research University. So, the figures, rankings as well as the facilities they offer are quite self explanatory as to why Temple should figure as every prospective student’s dream University.

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