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Illinois, United States

Est. 1890

Ranked among top 10 universities in US

About The University of Chicago

Established in 1890, University Of Chicago has made its own mark as one of the oldest universities in Chicago. The UOC is a private university in Chicago which includes various graduate programs, interdisciplinary committees organized into four academic research divisions and seven professional schools. Various sources claim this university as one of the top ranked university in Chicago.

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In the heart of city life, UOC stands out with its old and beautiful complex which adds a great view to that specific patch of the city. Chicago is the 3rd most populated city of US and the most happening city too. In addition to the popular city life the university is surrounded by good places such as Mississippi river shed and various beautiful lakes.


When it’s a century old, then it is something that gives an essence of a new era. Built in 1890, the structure doesn’t disappoint you at all and the campus gives a feel of some vintage era. Apart from giving silence in center of the city, the campus of UOC is well known for its discipline.

Residing Options

The university provides with two different kind of housing options for students, home and halls. The option of home stay is expensive but then it provides with amenities that give a real essence of being at home, halls are more like dorms but it bounds you to time limit, unlike home. The housing plans vary from 8,000 US$ to 12,000 US$ depending upon your requirement.


Weather at Chicago is just like weather of other famous cities. Summers are hot up to 32 C and can be humid at times. Winters at Chicago is famous, in January the temperature can go down below freezing point. Never has happened that the climate has affected student’s life in University of Chicago.

Faculty and pedagogy

When you own the best name, you own the best quality too. Undoubtedly teachers and professors at UOC are the best that can be found anywhere in this world. They carry discipline with knowledge and have been helpful towards all kind of students. There have been reports of few teachers being biased towards students with rich background for their personal profits, but the university took care of those rumors.

Financial aid

University has a lot of programs of financial aid for those students who cannot afford these high tuition fees. They try to help students attain their goals, it’s you who must be willing to put forward the effort to get a hold of such scholarship opportunities.

Jobs and placements

The university has a big name, big name means great alumni and that means a great set of opportunities for students. The university conducts in-campus placements and everyone is usually benefitted with this. At times if one fails to grab hold of these campus placements, second chances given to such students as well.


  • Prime Minister of Canada William Lyon Mackenzie King in 1947.
  • Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner Milton Friedman in 2004.


All this while we discussed how good the university is but it has its phase too. UOC is known for its discipline and manners which are spoiled by rich brats most times and it affects other students. Here you get a choice whether to be a nerd or a spoilt brat.

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