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Est. 1834

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Set up in 1834, Tulane University is a private academic institution with an urban setting and a campus size of around 110 acres. This university secured the 41st spot in the 2016 version of the Best Colleges in the States. The law department is noteworthy in here and the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is well-known and is the only school in the country that is specializing in this area. If you are a female student, you will be provided support in the form of mentors via the Newcomb College Institute.

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As a student, you will be rarely bored in here since New Orleans ahs something for everyone. Museums, zoos, parades, bands, and art galleries among others are some of the things to look forward to here. As far as transportation is concerned, you can walk around in and around the city without much trouble. You can easily rely on the campus shuttles but know that usually the public transport here is a downer.


The uptown campus on St Charles Avenue is architecturally diverse. You will come across buildings which have both modern and old world influence. It has got the Howard Tilton Memorial Library which is one of the finest libraries in the country since it is the home of world-class academic journals. The other university libraries are the Architecture Library, Amistad Research Centre, Music and Media Centre, etc. You will come across one of the best research centres known as Tulane National Private Research Centre which is known for conducting experiments on diseases and primate biology. As far as academic buildings are concerned, Gibson Hall is one of most popular one.

Residing Options

On campus accommodation can be a major disappoint for you since most of the rooms are visually unappealing and claustrophobic in a sense. The JL dorm is an all females dorm but it has failed to become popular due to its location. Thankfully, off campus accommodation is affordable here especially if you share a house with your friends and split the rent.


If you are a lover of snow, there is bad news for you – it does not snow there frequently. Also, be prepared for the rains because they can attack you at anytime of the year. The winters are surprisingly humid although you will feel the occasional chill. If you have an umbrella, galoshes, a hoodie or a jacket with you, you will survive the climate.

Faculty and pedagogy

At Tulane, you will find most of the professors to be friendly and interesting enough to hold your attention. After the hurricane Katrina, the university has tried a different approach to raise the academic bar. Once you are a student of Tulane University, as a freshman you will have access to interdisciplinary discussions and conferences which will not only boost up your GPA but also enhance your intellect.

Financial aid

As an Indian student, you will definitely find the tuition and food to be expensive. The good part is that Tulane has plenty of scholarships – both merit and need based. Teaching assistantships are only provide to doctoral students, so you might want to be come here financially prepared, even though getting a scholarship here is not difficult.

Jobs and placements

Regardless of your major, Tulane has a variety of recruiters coming on campus and hiring students for internships and jobs. Some of the employers who regularly hire from here are Tufts Medical Centre, Nebraska Book Company, Boston Medical Centre, TriNet Group and Cablelabs among others.


  • John Kennedy Toole – award winning author of The Confederacy of Dunces
  • David Filo – cofounder of Yahoo
  • Regina Benjamin – Surgeon General of President Obama
  • A. Baldwin Wood – creator of the wood screw pump
  • Douglas G. Harley – Nasa astronaut

  • Verdict

    For some of you coming to Tulane might be a life changing experience and for others it might be complete opposite. It mostly depends on your ability to adapt and your love for other cultures. If you can balance work and play, then Tulane will be perfect for you because although the night life is fantastic over here many students fail to resist academic pressure and not come back for another semester. But, if you are confident that you will not be easily swayed by the culturally rich environment and be able to juggle plenty of activities at the same time, then there should be no second guessing about this university.

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