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Est. 1874

Ranked among top 10 universities in AUS

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The University Of Adelaide is a 142-year-old institution, and the third oldest university in the country of Australia. It started iwht a modest grant of 20000 by a miner known as Walter Watson.
Today, the University of Adelaide is a part of the Group Of Eight, a group of leading research universities in the country. The quality of education provided at the University as well as the facilities, faculty and infrastructure have ensured that the university is ranked amongst the top 1% of the best institutions across the world.
The university has a history of supporting women’s right to higher education. A few years back it implemented smoke-free policy on its campus. With 5 faculties, it employs more than 1,300 academics who teach more than 20,000 students.

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The main campus of University of Adelaide is located in the Adelaide City Center in South Australia. The busy city center is divided into North terrace and South terrace, and local public transportation is easily available. Students in the city center stand to benefit from the urban location of the campus, which combines the University’s resources with opportunities offered by the city of Adelaide.
The historic Adelaide Oval is the cricket stadium located in the city center. It also doubles as a concert venue. Memorial Drive Park hosts tennis tournaments such as the Davis Cup. Apart from some famous sports locations, Adelaide is also home to the Art Gallery of South Australia, South Australian Museum, State Library of South Australia and the National Wine Center. Whenever you need a break from academics, the city offers different options to explore the rich culture or even catch a concert!


The University of Adelaide has five different campuses. The urban campus is located in Adelaide City Center. Three other campuses, The Waite Institute, The National Wine Center and the campus at Thebarton, have a suburban location, while Roseworthy College has a rural location.
As a highly research focused university, research facilities are present on all University of Adelaide campuses. The North Terrace campus is home to cutting edge research facilities. A high performing Proteomics Facility with a supercomputer is present on campus. The regional facility for Microscopy and Microanalysis along with a Virtual Research Centre are located in the North Campus. Research for Photonics and Advanced Sensing is conducted in specialized laboratories. Research is conducted in all five campuses in collaboration with the government and various industries, some of which are, biodiversity, biotechnology, ecology, mineral and energy resources and food sciences.

Residing Options

The North Campus itself does not offer accommodations due to the campus size and it’s urban location. The university ahs partnered with residential colleges in the area that provide housing to University of Adelaide students. Five colleges fall under this partnership: Aquinas College, Lincoln College, St Ann’s College, St Mark’s College and Kathleen Lumley Postgraduate Residential College. University managed housing is also provided with locations within walking distance of North Campus. Students can choose to live in Townhouses in The Village, or live in Mattanya, a group of four large houses. Floor of Residence offers studio apartments to students. Roseworthy Residential is exclusively for students studying at the Roseworthy campus.
The university recommends picking on of the housing options provided by the university since it might be a little daunting to find a place to live off campus in a new city even before you get there. However, if you still prefer off campus housing because it can be less expensive, the University offers access to a Rental Database, which help you find private accommodation.


The weather in Adelaide is not in extremes. The Mediterranean climate means that summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mildly cold and wet. On average, January is the hottest month while June is the wettest month of the year. During winter, due to the wind chill, the city is slightly colder than expected and hail is not too uncommon. While there are no major weather extremes, it might be wise to be prepared for the summer since it tends to get really hot.

Faculty and pedagogy

University of Adelaide is divided into five faculties:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of the Professions
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Various schools offering various programs of study fall under these five faculties. The university focuses heavily on research and is part of a group of premier institutes in Australia that have high research activity. Each year, prestigious lecturers from the field of Physics, Law, Commerce and other academic areas give a talk at the university as a part of their lecture series.
    The university is very focused on providing the best education to their students. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s (coursework based or research based), doctoral as well as M.Phil. degree options.

    Financial aid

    Very few universities offer scholarships to International students, and University of Adelaide is one of them. Scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate as well as study abroad programs are available. Scholarships available for international students include:

  • Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Accommodation Scholarship for Sri Lankan Students
  • Accommodation Scholarship for Indian Students
  • Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Outstanding Indian Students
  • While these are based on academic performance for the most part, other scholarships for research programs, as well as scholarships by Alumni or a country’s government are also available.

    Jobs and placements

    Students get to take advantage of Australia’s Best Career Services program at the University. The office provides mentoring to students, assistance with job search, resume preparation and other essential skills. Careers Expo are a great way for student to meet potential employers hiring for full time jobs, vacation jobs and even international firms hiring from Australia. With the 130,000 strong alumni network, there is always the opportunity to connect with an alumni in your field to help you with your career.


  • William Lawrence Bragg, a Nobel Laureate in Physics in the year 1951
  • Howard Florey, Nobel Laureate in Physiology/ Medicine in the year 1845)
  • Robin Warren, a Nobel laureate in Physiology/ Medicine in the year 2005
  • Cheong Choong Kong, past CEO , Singapore Airlines; chairman ,Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
  • Tim Harcourt, An Economist
  • Julia Gillard, 27th PM of Australia (2009-2012)
  • Abdul Taib, 7th CM of Sabah, Malaysia
  • Tony Tan Keng Yam, 7th president of Singapore, Deputy PM of Singapore (1995-2005)

  • Verdict

    University of Adelaide is a dynamic place to study. One of the premier institutes in the country of Australia as well as the world, this is a place for world-class education. Employers all over the world recognize a degree from University of Adelaide. With a large international student body, the university is a great place for potential international students to consider. The biggest advantage is the numerous scholarships for international students, apart from the wonderful services offered by the International Students Office. If you are interested in pursuing research while studying or are looking to have a future in research, University of Adelaide is the right place to be.

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