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The University of Alberta (popularly known as ‘U of A' or ‘UAlberta’) is a Public research university situated in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta in Canada. Founded in 1908, UAlberta is known as one of the top five universities in Canada housing 400 research libraries. The university is a major economic driver for Alberta. UAlberta houses eighteen faculties including Engineering, Business, Agricultural Sciences, Arts, Medicine and Law. It is world-known for its Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Education, English Language and Literature courses.

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The main campus of UAlberta (known as ‘North Campus') is located in the provincial capital of Edmonton, on the edge of the beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley. UAlberta has four other campuses: The South Campus, Augustana Campus, Campus Saint-Jean and Enterprise Square. Edmonton is known to have the friendliest of the people. The closest major city from Edmonton is Calgary (277 kms). Tourist attractions in Edmonton are the ‘Rutherford House’, ‘William Hawrelak Park’, ‘Winspear Centre’, the ‘Paleontology Museum’ and much more.
Students say that public transport is okay- not that great, not that bad; especially because of the extreme cold temperatures in winter, making it difficult to wait for a bus.


Sporting ‘green and gold' as its symbol colours, UAlberta’s 230-acres North Campus has 50 city blocks and abundant green patches with over 150 buildings on campus. It is popular for the long walks that are even open for tourists. You may spot some pretty white rabbits too. There are interesting buildings such as the ‘Athabasca Pembina’ and ‘Assiniboine Halls' which are over 100 years old. There are lots of new buildings these days; especially in the Medicine and Science departments. Parking at UAlberta may be limited or costly.

Residing Options

It is very much a commuter school. Although the first year undergraduate students must compulsorily live on campus. Students say the on-campus housing facilities are okayish and are nothing extraordinary. The average monthly expense of living off campus could be CAD 800 to 1000. Food off-campus would cost another CAD 200. Edmonton is a small city and hence, most of the on-campus and off-campus housing is within 20-minute range of the university.


If one has to shift to Edmonton, one has got to accept that it is a winter city. It can be excruciatingly cold for at least about 99 days in the year, it can get to -40 C, with almost 2 or 3 feet of snow on the ground. Nevertheless, the city embraces its winters by organising ‘Winter Festivals' and 'Ski Festivals'; trying to keep the spirits high. In June/July, the sun doesn't set until 10:30-11. Edmonton summers are beautiful, in fact, the National Geographic has nominated Edmonton as the top ten summer destinations in the world. One thing: Be careful of the giant mosquitoes in summers.

Faculty and pedagogy

Having over 15000 employees, UAlberta is one of the top three employers of Edmonton. It has about 200 undergrad programs and 500 graduate programs with their faculty to student ratio being 1:21. The class sizes at UAlberta are said to be the smallest out of most Canadian universities.Â
UAlberta is particularly known for its spectacular research group on ‘Artificial Intelligence'. The Engineering programs overall are quite comprehensive but you have to work really hard. Some students complain about the faculty of the nursing program is disorganized and uncaring. Other programs that standout at UAlberta are Computing Science, Drama and Nanotechnology.

Financial aid

The average tuition fees for graduate, international students are about CAD 10,000 per year. If you include the living, food and accommodation, it may go a little above CAD 25,000 per year. Research and teaching assistantships are available and you can apply for ‘Maple Leaf Awards for International Students’. Apart from this, there are bursaries and emergency loans available for students.
If you are interested in doctoral studies, and have an amazing score card, you could get nominated for Recruitment Scholarships at UAlberta. There are various prestigious ‘Memorial Awards' available for students with extraordinary academic performance; that are even open to international students.

Jobs and placements

With an employment rate of 97.7 % (within six months of graduation), most students get employed in sectors such as Dentistry, Law, Pharmacy, and Rehabilitation Medicine, Library Sciences, Education, Government and Engineering. Some of the notable employers are Alberta Health Services, BioWare, PCL, Stantec and Telus. However, students say that the economy is experiencing a passing recession currently. Nevertheless, the average salary of UAlberta students is about $35000.


  • Joe Clark - Former Prime Minister of Canada
  • Richard E. Taylor - Nobel Laureate
  • Clarence Campbell - Hockey legend
  • Daryl Katz - Billionaire Entrepreneur


The current recession in Edmonton seems a little deterrent but worst case, you can plan to shift back to your country or to another place in Canada, UAlberta offers a diverse range of experiences for you. Also, most Canadian cities are cold so there’s not enough to compare and complain. It is a big college, so one may feel lost but for people who love to wear an invisibility cloak and yet keep up with their hard work, UAlberta could be a great college.

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