University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Arkansas, United States

About University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Founded in the year 1927 as Little Rock Junior College, the commerce community at Little Rock wanted an alliance with the University of Arkansas towards creating stronger learning experience and a better community experience for the people interested in commerce.
Today, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has transformed to a full time research university that is a gateway to quality education. The quality and hygiene of programs is maintained through flexible culture of learning and unmatched internship opportunities for its students. Each year UALR witnesses an intake of more than 12,000 students. These students join with an expectation of becoming the innovators and responsible leaders of the future in their respective fields. As it was founded on the idea of keeping the community feeling at Little Rock intact, it has many activities that act as a driving force towards city and state’s growing profile as a regional leader in commerce, economic development, research and technology. It is also high looked upon for creating job opportunities for its citizens.

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The UALR is located in Arkansas which shares its borders with Louisiana to the south, Oklahoma to west, Missouri to north and Mississippi to its west. Most of the state has Mississippi river running through it. This gives the students of UALR the best relaxation time near the riverside of Mississippi. Little Rock experiences extreme weather conditions in winter and pleasant summers.
Otherwise, the city of Little Rock is very rightly referred to as the ‘Natural State’. This is because the city has plenty of beautiful nature for tourists to enjoy. This city has large number of scenic beauty in the form of river trails and bridges which are a must visit for everyone. Some of these popular trails include the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, Two Rivers Bridge, Big Dam Bridge etc. The city of Little Rock also has the popular Pinnacle Mountain which is located right at the top of the Arkansas river valley. So if you are the adventurous kind of person, this is a good option for you to try


The campus ULR has over 12,000 students each year who gather for multiple purposes such as learning, studying and playing. It is stretched over 250 plus tree-spawned acres in Little Rock’s midtown area. Here, the main campus has over 50 buildings. Many of these buildings have a LEED designation for their efficient energy saving designs.

Residing Options

The campus has four residence halls and university apartments that are open to students and their visitors such as family. Each of the four is equipped with amenities as furnished rooms, internet access, cable connections, local phone service and reserved student parking. The rooms also serve the students with facilities such as laundry, fitness and recreation areas, and the UALR Dining Experience. This helps student’s focus on learning and networking rather than worrying about their everyday needs. The university village is also open to allowing residency. The West Hall Gray tower is only for women. The maroon tower is for freshmen males. The east hall is for sophomore and juniors. They also have common apartments for both male and females in the north hall. The University Village is for the special set of people such as upper-class men, Graduate students, International students and student athletes.
The University offers its students with good number of off campus accommodation options matching their needs. Most of these accommodations are at a comfortable distance from the university campus in order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience of commuting to and fro the university. Some of the popular areas in which these apartments are located are River Pointe Apartments, Chenal Pointe at the Divide, the Villa at River Pointe Drive, Park Avenue Lofts, Pleasant Woods, White Oak Apartments, SteepleChase Apartments, the Residences at Riverdale, Aregnta Flats etc. The average cost of these accommodations is $1000.


The students at UALR have a great time with the best weather conditions in the state. As Little Rock lies in the humid subtropical climate zone, it experiences hot, humid summers and mild winters, with usually little snow. The month of December and January is especially cold with temperatures dropping to a minus 1 degree. The summer months have the highest temperature of about 40 degrees.

Faculty and pedagogy

UALR is part of a community at Little Rock, therefore it has the mission of providing academic excellence. UALR’s administration represents a variety ofgifted leaders who serve to continually strengthen UALR’s contribution towards the state, the region, and beyond. It has over 1465 full time faculties and 387 part time. The student to faculty ratio is 14: 1. UALR has 140 programs of study, 10 doctoral programs, 48 master’s programs, 24 graduate certificates, 2 professional degrees, 54 baccalaureate degrees, and 4 undergraduate certificate programs.

Financial aid

Striving towards providing flexible solutions to learning, UALR has one of the best financial aids for its students who are regularly admitted over a given period of the course. For financial aid they have programs such as Graduate assistantships which involves closely working with the faculty in return of lower fees. Similar to any other university, UALR also has scholarships and veteran benefits.
Full time assistants are entitled to complete waiver of his or her tuition fees while part time assistants shall be entitled for half waiver of the tuition fees. This will be over and above the stipend which will be paid to the students for their work. In addition to this, full time assistantships shall also be entitled for free insurance cover as well.

Jobs and placements

Serving the best specialized field learning programs such as engineering, nursing etc. UALR ensures to provide the best placements. Also, with a mission in mind by the Arkansas and Little Rock community, this university ensures the best in class placements in the state and the country. There are several career fairs that take place to attract recruiters from different sectors. For example, the STEM career fair is for recruiters from science, tech and engineering arena. Some of the companies that come on campus for full time positons as well as for interships include, Cox Communications, Springfield Missouri Police Department , Target Corp., USDA -NASS and TracFone Wireless, Inc.


  • Donna Axum - Miss America 1964
  • Mike Beebe – 45th Governor of Arkansas
  • Scotty Robertson - former NBA coach
  • Austin Cook - professional golfer

  • Verdict

    This is a brilliant institution structured on the values of equality in terms of education, athletics and community building. Their outstanding safety on the campus and student housing along with financial aid programs helps parents as well as students to plan their stay and education well in advance. The great list of student alumni sets an example for aspiring students across the globe.

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