University of California, Santa Cruz

California, United States

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About University of California, Santa Cruz

Established in 1965, UCSC is a public- collegiate research university and is one of 10 campuses in the University of California system. Being associated with one of the most famous university branch, this specific university has proved to be different in many ways. With the collaboration of huge campus and beautiful location, this university has never failed to produce good alumni.

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A beautiful history and a progressive future of tourism is what define Santa Cruz. There is so much more to this well-organized city than tourism. Surrounded by Pacific Ocean, one always feels the wind in his hair for which you won’t have to visit the beach every time. The place has varieties of bars, cafeterias and pubs to spend your time peacefully. Everybody minds their own business in Santa Cruz as in such a beautiful place who would have time to think about anything apart from the city’s beauty.


A vast campus of 2000 acres is something worth an experience. Between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Cruz mountain range lies this beautiful campus of UCSC. The campus is so big that the difference between the elevation of the entrance gate and the last point of the campus is almost of 900Ft. Apart from the college buildings, the campus has a beautiful ‘walk in the jungle’ feature, where any student can go to spend some time and breathe in the fresh air. The McHenry library has a ‘fall into affair’ infrastructure for all the literature lovers.


The weather at Santa Cruz is mild throughout the year. The winters are cool and wet, while summers can be humid and pleasant fully hot. Morning fog and dew are the most beautiful sights of the year, which happen during summers. The average temperature for Santa Cruz during summers is 20C and during winters it may go down till 7C.

Faculty and pedagogy

Faculty at UCSC can be described as ‘chilled out’ in the official California language. Once you are in UCSC it would be very easy for you to understand that everybody in the campus is a stoner. Sometimes it is difficult to judge whether a faculty has read eye because of lack of sleep or his ‘weed-addiction’. Usually the faculty recruited comes with a great qualification, their addiction does not change their approach towards teaching methods.

Financial aid

UCSC conducts few scholarship programs which help students attaint their graduation without thinking about the fee. The only problem that there are very few such opportunities, so one must keep a track of their website and keep enquiring about it.

Jobs and placements

There have been rumors that the university had increased their enrollment using the name of firms they would get their students into after graduation. Once or twice the university has failed to conduct placements, but as per their rules they always conduct them. Whether you get a job or not completely depend on your grades and achievements, so work hard on them.


The final statement would be if you are looking for a good agricultural college and some fun, then UCSC is a good option to look forward too. Arts department is not considered that rich with values. If you are an open minded student and looking for a serious career in a specific field, then UCSC is not the place to go to. If you consider the other departments such as engineering and agriculture, then you can give a sneak a little into the admission process.

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