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University of Konstanz, Germany was founded back in the year 1972. The university has been categorized as one of the elite university in Germany since it has been on all the 3 funding lines of Excellence initiative in 2007 and 2012. It is also named as the (small Harvard on Lake Constance).

The 2018-2019 world ranking indicates that the University of Konstanz occupies the 189 positions and 22 in the country ranking. They offer the following faculties; the faculty of science, faculty of humanities and faculty of politics, law & economics. These faculties constitute of various departments found on the school’s website.

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The University of Konstanz is located in Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. Means of transport in that area is easily accessible making it possible for students to travel around without any challenges. This city is on the Constance lake in the southern part of Germany. Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany and gives a beautiful display of the city. The economy of this city concentrates on pharmaceuticals, chemicals, communication, biotechnology. ICT, retailing, publishing and machinery production. This is an indication of a busy city full of innovators and business people.


The campus has a number of infrastructures that facilitate development in the learning sector. The major one is known as the (VCC) visual Computing of Collectives. This is a research center concerned with the animal collective behavior and its mechanism”. This research center provides the required infrastructure to the students involved for the best outcome. There are other infrastructures such as fish labs, survey lab, science and many more.

Residing Options

Finding a place to live as a student is time-consuming because you have to consider somewhere favorable. Students are urged not to make any advance payment before inspecting the apartment or room and making an agreement with the landlord/lady. One should search for a room or apartment earlier enough. It is a requirement to register with the authority if you are new in the area with a week. There are a number of residence halls recommended by the university on their accommodation website.


The weather condition in Konstanz is mild. The summers are wet and comfortable; while the winters are very cold. Over the course of the year, the temperature usually varies from 29°F to 77°F and is rarely above 88°F or below 19°F.

The warm season extends from May 30 to September 10, with an average daily rise in temperature above 69°F. The cold season extends from November 17 to March 3, with an average daily drop in temperature below 46°F.

Faculty and pedagogy

The number of students as per the year 2018 and 2019 adds up to 11,268. The total number of academic staff and administrative staff is 1,067 and 850 respectively. The faculty to student ratio is 1:11.

Financial aid

The University of Konstanz offers scholarships to the students which are a queued process. By checking on the university’s website you will see all the details required and the application process. Make your application early since only a specific number of students is picked.

Jobs and placements

Studying at the University of Konstanz is an advantage to the alumni who later go out searching for a stable job. The university has a clean reputation in and outside Germany. With it being fully facilitated with modern technology, students are able to gain skills and knowledge as required on the job market.

Crowd and campus life

The university is situated in a place where there are full of beautiful and attractive sceneries. Students enjoy walking for picnic adventures with their friends during their leisure time. The city is full of several social centers such as restaurants, clubs, cinemas, and cafeterias.


  • Zoran Dindic - Prime minister Serbia 2001-2003
  • Asha Rose Migiro - Tanzania politician and Diplomat, deputy Secretary General of United Nations 2007-2012
  • Axel A. Weber - German economist, chairman and board member of the Swiss investment bank


The University of Konstanz in Germany believes that discipline in academics is the key foundation for producing nothing but professionals. It has it all in one basket and the atmosphere around the university is very conducive. With advanced research and study facilities, this is one of the most promising places for a student.

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