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Known for its motto ‘Floreat’ meaning to prosper or flourish, the University of Manitoba is a public university situated within the province of Manitoba in Canada. This University found its roots way back in 1877 by Alexander Morris by way of a charter. This University was the first university to be established in western Canada and is a research intensive post secondary educational institution.

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The University of Manitoba has three distinct campuses through which it imparts high quality education to its students. These campuses include the Fort Garry Campus, the William Noorie centre along with the Bannatyne Campus. The William Noorie centre is located on Selkirk Avenue while the main Fort Garry campus is located at 66 Chancellors Circle and Bannatyne Campus is located between William Avenue and McDermot Avenue in Central Winnipeg.


The three distinct campuses of the University of Manitoba namely the Fort Garry Campus, the William Noorie centre along with the Bannatyne Campus. The Bannatyne campus consists of as many as ten academic buildings in which the medical and dental courses of the university are taught. This campus witnessed the subsequent addition of the Department of Pharmacy in the year 2008 as well. This campus also consists of Joe Dupe Fitness Centre, Neil John MacLean Health Sciences Library etc. The Fort Garry Campus is the main campus on which stand over 60 teaching as well as research buildings on 680 acres of land. Out of these 60 buildings, 33 buildings are reserved for the purpose of teaching while the remaining buildings contain administrative offices, laboratories, on campus residences along with properties of several research agencies. Besides this, the university also contains an on campus museum, 19 libraries as well as an archive section. Some of the libraries of this university are the Concordia Hospital Library, Architecture and Fine Arts Library, E.K.Williams Law library, Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Father Harold Drake Library, Bill Larson library etc.

Residing Options

The main Fort Garry Campus of the University consists of several buildings which provide on campus accommodation facilities to the students. These buildings are located in peaceful surroundings which help the students in focusing on academics in a much better way. Some of these on campus housing properties include Arthur. V. Mauro residence, Mary Speechly Hall, University College Residence and Pembina Hall residence. Every year around 1500 students reside in these buildings. All the rooms in these residences consist of furnished rooms including desk, bed, chairs, bookshelf etc; study space, wired telephone services, internet wi-fi, in house laundry, lounge with TV and DVD facilities, study space, dining options etc.


The University of Manitoba is located in the city of Winnipeg situated within the province of Manitoba. The city of Winnipeg which derives its name from the Lake Winnipeg has a humid continental climate with the temperature rising to almost 26 degrees Celsius in June with long days. On some days, this temperature has also reached the peak at 30 degrees Celsius. This makes Winnipeg the second sunniest cities of Canada. Winters are also equally cold and dry with the temperature further dropping down to -40.0 degrees Celsius after maintaining an average of -11 degrees Celsius in the month of January.

Faculty and pedagogy

The University of Manitoba is known for recruiting world class quality of teaching as well as support staff. Professors who strongly believe in the importance of academics and knowledge invest their time, energy as well as intellect which translate in providing the students with good quality teaching for students. Hence, in order that the faculty also knows in detail about the crucial responsibility which is placed on their shoulders, the university organizes New Faculty Program, New Faculty Orientation, Information Services and Technology which help in delivering some of the best teaching experts at the university.

As far as the courses offered by this university are concerned, the university imparts over 100 diverse programs and courses at all levels, whether, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral. Some of the faculties and disciplines of study offered by the university include Faculty of Arts, School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Food Sciences, School of Arts, School of Dental Hygiene, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Human Ecology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Science, Social Work, Extended Education, Medical Rehabilitation etc.

Financial aid

Every year the University of Manitoba awards some of its students both, continuing as well as fresh entrants enrolled in various full as well as part time courses with financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, bursaries, loans, work-study programs starting from $100 to as much as $1000 covering almost $ 3 million on an annual basis. While scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, bursaries are awarded on need basis. Any student who is desirous of applying for any of the University based scholarship program, should get in touch with the Financial Aid and Awards office of the University of Manitoba and the administrative staff will be happy to help them out with their application process.

Jobs and placements

Getting a job of your dreams is the underlying dream of every student. And in order to prepare the students in such a way that they get the job of their dreams is what the department of Career Services of the University of Manitoba strives for day in and day out. Hence, whatever help and guidance which you may need, just get in touch with the office of Career Services and get the perfect career guidance through experts. Right from preparing your CV and Cover Letter to helping you strategize your job search to preparing you for the interview, the Career Services provides a one stop shop for all your career related issues.


The Alumni Relations Office of the University of Manitoba takes care and maintains relations with every individual alumnus who has been part of the University of Manitoba. One of the visions of this university has been to instigate pride and build an enduring relationship among all the alumni. Hence, this body takes extra efforts to welcome their alumni to a number of programs which the university hosts or organizes and also organizes alumni reunions, distinguished alumni awards ceremony, homecomings etc for the alumni in order to ensure that they stay connected to their alma mater.


The feedbacks which the alumni of this esteemed university have expressed make the University of Manitoba as one of ‘to-go’ universities from the student perspective. The students were quite impressed and satisfied with the level and quality of professors the university has. Even food and dining wise, the university offers different meals on daily basis, so the students also like that about the university. While most of the students preferred staying off campus, they were otherwise quite happy with the university and the facilities provided by it.

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