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The University of Massachusetts commonly known as the UMass Lowell is a public research university located in Lowell, Massachusetts that was founded in 1894 and is part of the University of Massachusetts System. The UMass Lowell the second-largest public university in the state and is the largest university in the Merrimack Valley considering that it offers 121 bachelor's, 41 master's and 34 doctoral degrees, all the programs accredited at the highest level in a semester-based academic calendar. The most popular national recognized programs are engineering, criminal justice, education, music, science and technology. Also, Students can choose to participate in co-op programs, during which students are placed in two real-world jobs and refine their skills and gain experience in their field.

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The University of Massachusetts- Lowell is located at its name says in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States in the Pawtucket Street just 25 miles outside of Boston, next to the Merrimack River. Its setting is urban, therefore, you can find near campus restaurants like Dunkin’ Donut, Subway, Brothers Pizza and others. Also, supermarket close like Market Basket or Walmart are just minutes away from campus.


The University of Massachusetts Lowell has a campus size of 150 acres that contains more than 50 buildings. UMass Lowell boasts a total square footage of more than 3 million, divided into three campus clusters – North, South and East.
The UMass Lowell has buildings on both side of the Merrimack River and lately has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, opening 10 new buildings including the Mark and Elisia Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center, the Health and Social Sciences Building, University Crossing, a 230,000-square-foot student engagement center, Parking garages on both North and South campuses, the Innovation Hub, a center to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, economic development and job creation at 110 Canal St. Also, new building for housing has been built like the Riverview Suites, suite-style living on South Campus and the University Suites, suite-style housing on East Campus, next to LeLacheur Park and the Tsongas Center.

Residing Options

The UMass Lowell has a wide variety of halls and apartments to offer for on-campus housing. The University has an Office of Residence Life that is committed to the personal and academic success of each residential student; the office offers a safe, interactive and well-maintained living and learning environment for students providing information about the available halls on campus including singles, doubles and quad dorm room the Bourgeois Hall, the Concordia Hall, The Fox Hall, the Leitch Hall. Also, there are housing options of a suite of four-person to eight-person like the Donahue Hall, the Riverview East, the Sheehy Hall four-six-eight suites and the University Suites. On the other hand, for graduate students or undergraduate that like to be a little bit more independent, there are apartment options for housing on-campus like the Riverview West and the University Apartments. Since the UMass Lowell is located in an urban setting finding off-campus housing is very easy and there are a lot of options either for renting and entire house or just an apartment near campus.


In Lowell, Massachusetts the average temperature is 48°F where is partly cloudy year round. The summers are very warm and the hot season last about 3 months, July mostly the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 75 °F, but when it comes to winter the cold season also last about 3 months and a half and can reach a maximum temperature of 18 °F. So in general, let’s say that Lowell suffer from really freezing winters so make sure to bring a nice jacket to UMass Lowell.

Faculty and pedagogy

Sources such as Forbes and have recognized UMass Lowell multiple times for providing the best value education and a high return on investment. Also, the annual research expenditures topped $60 million, with faculty-led projects across the disciplines involving students at all levels of study. Students claim that professors are of great help in the research project process and in classes, always keeping in mind the success of the student doing their best to be helpful in any way they can.

Financial aid

The University of Massachusetts- Lowell offers different types of aid including Merit Scholarships, Grants, Loans and Student Employment depending on the program and the credits. When it comes to International students those who are applying for the first-time, first-year and undergraduate applicants who meet the necessary requirements may be eligible to be considered for some Merit Scholarships as well as Fellowship Opportunities. Also, international students can apply for an alternative loan if able to obtain a U.S. cosigner. On the other hand, international graduate students although they are not eligible for federally funded financial aid might be eligible to apply for Teaching or Research Assistantship (TA/RA) opportunities through the academic departments.

Jobs and placements

The UMass Lowell believes that Student Employment offers eligible students the ability to gain valuable work experience while earning money to defray educational costs. Therefore, the university has a Student Employment Office that manages the different programs for employment including Federal Work-Study, UMass Lowell Student Employment and Off-Campus Community Service. The university also has a section in their page called JobHawk website that provides a list of off-campus and on-campus jobs, this is a great service especially for international students that are not eligible for federal financial aid.


  • Jack M. Wilson, former UMass president
  • Eunice Alberts, opera and concert singer
  • Arno Rafael Minkkinen, fine art photographer
  • Andre Dubus III, bestselling author
  • Richard Farrell, author, filmmaker, teacher and journalist
  • Mitra Das, Sociology scholar focused on Peace & Conflict

  • Verdict

    UMass Lowell is a nationally recognized research university that prepares its students to be work ready, life ready and world ready. The location near downtown and the fact that is clustered along the Merrimack River is one of the favorite parts of all the students, great view, great location, great education.

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