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The foundation of the University of Melbourne was laid in the year 1853 in Melbourne, Australia. It is the oldest university in Melbourne and 2nd oldest in entire Australia. It is one of the leading universities throughout the world and Times Higher Education has ranked it at the 33rd spot. Moreover, the university stands at the 5th spot in QS World University Subject Rankings for its education in the year 2015.
The university accepts large number of Indian students and is one of the most preferred choice for Indian students looking for international universities. Moreover, it also offers many different types of scholarships to its Indian students and is well-known for its modern research in various streams.

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The main campus of the university is situated in Parkville, which lies to the north of Central Business District of Melbourne. It has a number of other campuses throughout Victoria and many colleges are affiliated to the university. The university has an urban setting and shopping centers, pubs, restaurants, cafe, bookshops, etc, are very close to its campus.
The university is easily accessible by trains, trams and buses. Myki card is what the students generally use for travelling in public transport. If you are a full-time, international student of the university, you are eligible to apply for a concession on your Myki card. International students can apply for an iUSEpass at half the original cost for using public transport system.


The campus of the university is spread across 36 acres of urban land. It is home to a total of 12 residential colleges- Trinity College, Janet Clarke Hall, St. Mary’s College, Ormond College, Newman College, Queen’s College, Whitley College, Medley Hall, University College, International House, St. Hilda’s College and Graduate House.
The campus of the university has 9 libraries that have more than 3 million items that include books, slides, DVDs, periodicals, music scores, rare prints, maps and many other types of published materials. Moreover, there are also more than 30,000 e-books, thousands of special and general journals and hundreds of databases.

Residing Options

The residential colleges of the university offer excellent residing options to its local and international students. Moreover, the 640-bed, Student Village Melbourne (SVM) in Parkville opened its doors for the university students in January 2016 and is known to offer multiple residing options, like shared and single apartments, deluxe apartments, dormitory-type accommodations, etc.
There are also many off-campus residing options where you can share the room with other students of the university. You will get all the information about such off-campus accommodations through the university’s website of International Student Service.


Melbourne enjoys an ever-changing climate throughout the year. Hot temperatures during the day, rains in the evening and cold temperatures at night are common here. The average summer temperature in Melbourne is 25°C and in winter, it can be around 15°C. May to September is the period when rainfall is very common. Overall, Indian students should not find it difficult to adjust to the climate of Melbourne as the summers or winters are not extreme.

Faculty and pedagogy

Five Nobel laureates have been the faculty at this university, which is the highest among all the universities in Australia. There are large numbers of scholars currently working at the university with abundance of knowledge to provide the students with a world-class learning experience. Hwoever, regardless of acclaimed profs many students fell that while the university focuses a lot on research but sadly not much on the quality of its faculty.
The professors can be easily approached during, as well as after the college hours and they would be glad to help you out. Moreover, another amazing thing about the professors at the university is that they try to create a bond with the students to ensure that they grow intellectually as well as personally.

Financial aid

University of Melbourne also offers many different types of grants, loans and scholarships to its students from its own student loan fundsThere are certain short term loans up to 6 months and long term loans ( which require a guarantor) available here. About 88% of the full-time undergraduates receive some kind of financial help from the university or from external providers. There are certain general and housing grants also offered by the university based on the financial need of the students.

Jobs and placements

The university has a Career Center which helps the students in finding placements and internships. It also helps students improve their employability by providing them experiential l knowledge. Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Amazon, Morgan Stanley and Hyundai are some of the most frequent visitors at the university. If you are in good terms with the professors and have managed to keep an excellent GPA, the chances of landing a job with an excellent package is very high. The career centre liaisons with several professional bodies as well as conducts several seminars, workshops and consultations to offer better career networking opportunities to its students.


  • Cate Blanchett- Actress
  • Nicole Kidman- Actress
  • Julia Gillard- Former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Germaine Greer- Writer
  • Julian Assange- Computer Programmer
  • James P. Gorman- Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley

  • Verdict

    The tuition fee for international students is high at the university and you need to have highly impressive ATAR score to get admission. Moreover, the satisfaction ratings of its courses are lower than some of the universities in Melbourne. Nevertheless, majority of the students gave good reviews about the education at the university and if not the top most, the university surely deserves a spot somewhere on your list.

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