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The University of New England was previously known as the New England University College, as a part of the University of Sydney system, of colleges. In 1954, the university became independent and came to be known by its current name. The college campus is spread over the city of Armidale, with parts of the campus scattered in different parts of the city. The campus conducts research and training on the various rural properties it owns in and around Armidale.

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The city of Armidale is located midway between Sydney and Brisbane. The UNE campus itself has great historical buildings spread all over the campus, and these form some of the historic landmarks in the city. Apart from that, students get to experience a quieter atmosphere as compared to a metro city. Explore the waterfalls, hiking trails or take a picnic with your friends on a weekend on one of the hills and valleys surrounding the city.


Students can chooses to stay on campus or off campus. UNE has partnered with various residential colleges in the area to provide students with a place to stay. These residential colleges include:

  • Austin College
  • Duval College
  • Earl Page College
  • Mary White College
  • Robb College
  • Drummond and Smith College
  • These residential colleges provide a great community atmosphere for student. Regular social activities are conducted at each college to foster a spirit of community. Meal options are also available to students who choose to live in these residential colleges. Another great option is the Wright College, with fully furnished studio apartments and modern amenities.
    Off campus living is also a great option. While looking for shared houses or rooms, it is advisable to actually take a look at the living space before signing a lease agreement. Students can use Uni4Me, an online portal listing for rent places in and around the college campus.

    Residing Options

    The Dixson library on campus is home to a large collection of books, e books, journals as well as computer terminals for students to work on their assignments. With an emphasis on research, UNE has a large number of research centers located on campus where students and faculty conduct research studies.

  • Animal Genetics And Breeding Unit
  • Centre for Agriculture and Law
  • Institute for Rural Futures
  • Paleoscience Research Center
  • The National Centre of Science, Information and Communication Technology and Mathematics education for Rural and Regional Australia

  • Weather

    Armidale is located at an elevation of about 1100 meters above sea valley and surrounded by Pine forests and hills and valleys. Due to its location, the city experiences a milder summer as compared to other areas in New South Wales. Summers are mildly hot. Winter on the other hand, tend to get colder with below freezing temperatures and frost during night. The region is prone to thunderstorms and rainfall occurs mostly during summer.

    Faculty and pedagogy

    Over 200 programs are available for students studying at UNE. Undergraduates have the option of studying on campus or through distance education. Postgraduate courses involve either academic based or research based. Students applying for a postgraduate course with a focus on research are also eligible for certain grants and fee exemptions. These broad research areas are then divided into more in depth sections, which is how students and faculty pick projects to work on. Linguistics and archeology are also among the research subjects the university focuses on. About 700 Ph.D. students are conducting research at the University at a given time.

    Financial aid

    The Australian government offers the Endeavor scholarships. These merit-based scholarships are specifically targeted towards helping international students with their finances and fees. The student body can also apply for scholarships based on merit, or scholarships offered by their respective departments, general or sports scholarships. Details about each scholarship, including amount granted, deadline and requirements are all posted on the UNE Website.

    Jobs and placements

    The career development office at UNE offers assistance in a variety of ways. Counselors help students pick the correct courses, help find out their area of interest and provide one-on-one advice sessions. Workshops for students on applying for jobs, training for an interview and creating a resume are also offered throughout the year. Students have access to special skill development workshops and internship opportunities via an online portal.


  • Marshall Moore, Writer
  • Gayla Reid, Writer
  • Suzy Balogh, shooter, winner of 2004 Olympic Gold Medal
  • Douglass Draft, former CEO of Coca Cola
  • Canning Fok Kin-ning, Chairman, Hong Kong Electric Holdings
  • Sir Zelman Cowen, 19th Governor General of Australia

  • Verdict

    University of New England might not be your first choice, but it also won’t be your last choice. The focus on research is a great plus point. However, the location in a medium sized city can be problematic when it comes to finding job opportunities. International students have a hard time as it is finding employment in metro cities. Student reviews online show that the administration might be lacking when it comes to putting needs of the students above monetary gains. Our advice? Talk to current students and explore your other options before zeroing in on UNE.

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