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Founded in 1876, the University of Oregon (also referred to as UO) is a public flagship research university in Eugene, Oregon. The university has a Carnegie Classification of "highest research activity" and has 19 research centers and institutes under it. In 1969 UO was admitted to the Association of American Universities and since July 2014, UO has been governed by the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon and in. UO offers 316 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. The university is organized into eight colleges out of which two are the most popular named the Robert D. Clark Honors College which is the oldest honors college in the United States and the School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

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Eugene is near many prominent geographic features such as the Willamette River, Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The location is also within a two-hour drive is the Portland. metropolitan area. It is adjacent to the West University neighborhood and Pioneer Cemetery. Eugene has some good places to visit such as the mountains for adventurers and concerts which happen at least once in a month. Eugene and Oregon are two different lifestyle. Eugene is a place of entertainment where as Oregon is a very green and peaceful study point unlike the other happening urban universities.


The campus of the University of Oregon is spread over 295 acres and includes 80 buildings. In total there are over 3000 trees on campus making it a green pollution free campus. Although academic buildings are spread throughout the campus, most are along East 13th Avenue, with heavy pedestrian traffic at the intersection with Kincaid Street. Student recreation and union centers are toward the center of the campus, with residence halls on the east side. Sports facilities are grouped in the southern-central part of campus with the Autzen Stadium and PK Park complexes across the Willamette River. The center of campus houses a mixture of academic buildings, an administration building, and student recreation buildings. Lawrence Hall is at the end of hardscape walkway, directly north of the intersection of 13th Avenue and University Street that houses the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. However, there are several ongoing construction projects, as well as plans to build new facilities.

Residing Options

There are many in-campus residing options available at the University of Oregon. Living in-campus gives you a lot of opportunities to communicate with a diverse people and learn and let learn their culture, lifestyle and skills. The residence halls offer many room types, meal plans, and Academic Residential Communities or Specialized Communities to provide a living experience that's just right for you.


In Portland, the summers are short, warm, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are very cold, wet, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 36°F to 84°F and is rarely below 26°F or above 95°F. Although, Eugene has a cool-summer Mediterranean climate. Spring and fall are also moist seasons, with light rain falling for long periods. Winter snowfall does occur, but it is sporadic and rarely accumulates in large amounts.

Faculty and pedagogy

With an 17:1 faculty and student ratio and a median class size of 20, the faculty of University of Oregon are as busy learning as they are teaching. The University of Oregon consists of 2081 teaching and research faculty and 30 Research Centre, Institutes and core research facilities. The University faculty wishes to motivate you with a liberal arts education that rewards your curiosity, sharpens your thinking, and challenges you to live your best life. In the process, the profit or return of their teaching, research, and public service efforts return billions to Oregon’s economy every year.

Financial aid

Each year the university students receive an amount of federal, state, institutional, foundation, and private funds summed to $256 million to make it affordable for you to study at UO. Financial Flight Plan is a program dedicated to creating a community of financially literate Ducks. They are here to help you feel empowered to take control of your financial future, learn about money management, loans and borrowing, protecting your identity, and get access to financial planning resources.

Jobs and placements

While looking for a career in the University of Oregon, you will be exposed to innumerable opportunities around you all the time that can help you develop skills critical to your future. From the Partner Program to recruitment fairs UO has a variety of programs designed specifically to connect you with competent, engaged, and professional UO students and to create mutually beneficial relationships. You can use their Networking resources to connect with professionals, peers, alumni, and potential employers.


Alumni of University of Oregon includes 7 Oregon governors, 8 U.S. senators and 20 U.S. representatives. Some of the notable alumnis of UO are

  • academic leaders Lee Bollinger (president of Columbia University and former president of the University of Michigan)
  • Gene Block (chancellor of UCLA),
  • TV host Ann Curry, author and counter-culture figure Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest),
  • businessman Phil Knight (founded Nike, Inc. in Eugene),
  • NFL quarterback Marcus Mariota (2014 Heisman Trophy winner),
  • Author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club),
  • Cognitive scientist and author Douglas Hofstadter (Gödel, Escher, Bach),
  • U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, American sportscaster and former professional football player Ahmad Rashād,
  • Professional basketball players Luke Ridnour and Luke Jackson,
  • Former American football quarterback and
  • Current sportscaster Dan Fouts, actress Kaitlin Olson, and
  • A capella singer and musician Peter Hollens.


The University of Oregon gives you access to an excellent education and challenges their students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively, and live ethically. One of the best things about being at a great university is the chance to study, work, play, explore, debate, and engage with people from places you haven't been whose lives are nothing like your own. The University of Oregon is also looking for commonalities while also celebrating differences and learning from each other at the same time. There’s an assurance that there is no other program that can inspire individual distinction and deep and practical experience like the University of Oregon.

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