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University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Saskatchewan, Canada

Est. 1907

Ranked among top 20 universities in CA

About University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Situated on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River, this Canadian public research university was founded in 1907. The provincial legislature passed the act to establish and incorporate a university in the province of Saskatchewan in 1907. This university was established on April 3, 1907 with a motive to offer higher education in every branch for every individual irrespective of the cast, creed, religion, color, etc. The only Canadian university with a partnership with Oxford University makes it the highest choice of every student.
This university is a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities. It is the largest university in the province of Saskatchewan. It started as an agricultural college, but soon extended in other branches as well.

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This university is situated beside the South Saskatchewan River, past the city center of Saskatoon, Canada. The university is spread in about 2,425 acres. The university offers four separate halls for on campus students. Every hall has more than 100 rooms to provide. The university also gives access to neighboring lands for the research purposes.


The university also has various museums and galleries to offer. The Museum of Natural Sciences is the amalgamation of geology and biology departments. This museum offers displays of fossils, animals, and living plants for the purpose of imparting knowledge regarding them. The educational environment is calm and unsegregated. The Kenderdine Gallery organizes local, national, or international exhibitions that run up to six weeks.
But the roads and highways to this university seem neglected. With the hike in its economy, maintaining the infrastructure for this university is becoming tough.

Residing Options

This university constitutes four halls for the students - first hall is Saskatchewan Hall that has the capacity to give rooms to 150 students, the second is famous as Qu’Appelle Hall and can accommodate 180 students, third one is Athabasca Hall that offers residence to 270 students, and the fourth one is Souris Hall that is especially designed for the married students who have their families along and this hall provides two – bedroom apartments that are 67 in number.


Saskatoon is considered as one of the sunniest city in the entire Canada. During the summers, the temperature varies from 11 degrees to 30 degrees C. Young boys and girls can be seen around the campus in funky clothes. But during the winters, the temperature goes down from -12 degrees to -22 degrees C. So, you must brace yourself for the extreme cold and keep yourself covered from head to toe.
If you are habitual of living in the hot areas, then you have to take keen care of yourself during the winters, if you are considering this university for higher education.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty in this university is fully trained and can assist students in every manner. The faculty keeps an eye on the students every time with surveillance camera. There are many reputed and well qualified people working as a staff in this university. Every teacher works with an aim of imparting the best knowledge among their students. While if the professors are lenient, then they also expect students to concentrate well on the studies and be disciplined. Every university works efficiently only if there is co– ordination between teachers and students.

Financial aid

To encourage students for the studies, this university offers various kinds of scholarships and some loans, so that students who are academically good can continue their studies without any interruptions. These aids include the expenses of room and board, fees, books and supplies, etc.
The value of the scholarship can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars and to full payment. The most popular scholarship offers $1000 - $5,000 per year. Certain grants are offered by the university for disable people, financially unfit people, people who have children or women who are in PhD courses. These grants vary from $2000 - $8000.

Jobs and placements

As it is considered as the top university, hence the placement provided by this university is par excellence. The students with good performance gets selected by the companies that come to the university for the placements of overall academically better and with far - vision students. The packages provided are also satisfactory.


  • Lorne Babiuk – scientist
  • Alison Redford – 14th Premier of Alberta
  • Kim Coates – actor
  • Brad Wall – 14th Premier of Saskatchewan
  • Dr. John Hewson – Australian politician
  • Dr. Hilda Neatby – Historian

  • Verdict

    The campus life is attractive. No wonder why it has been stated as one of the best universities of Canada. The buildings look exquisite. The structure of the campus makes it easy to roam around. The discipline is spread in a diversified manner. The university provides an ample of options for entertainment. It s a decent university offering a good education at a decent price.

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