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The University of Southern California is a private research University which was founded in 1880, making it California’s oldest private university. USC is involved in very high level research activity and thus has quickly risen up the ranking.
It may interest you that although USC claims that their students hail from 112 countries, but it feels a lot like India once you’re there.

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The University Park Campus of USC is in the West Adam’s district of South Los Angeles. The campus is within walking distance from LA Coliseum and Staple Centre, House of the LA Lakers.


The USC campus is spread over 235 acres with two main libraries having more than a million volumes of all the possible topics in the world. ‘Traditions in the Lot’ is an on-campus Bar while Trojan Grounds and Ground Zero are the popular Cafeterias within the campus.

Residing Options

Though Cardinal Gardens, Fluor Tower and Pardee Tower are the popular dorms On Campus, majority of the students prefer staying Off Campus. 30th Street Villas, The Bungalows, Conquest Housing and the Medici (5 kms from the campus, pretty expensive but extremely safe and excellent facilities) are the Off Campus residing options for the USCites where the charges range from 900$-1200$ a month.


Weather at the Southern California is pretty decent as there is enough sunlight during the day time which makes it sufficiently hot while the nights are cool enough to bear the weather. Fall period is quite hot while rain showers are the standard customers during winter.

Faculty and pedagogy

The faculty at Viterbi School of Engineering (USC’s engineering college) is renowned for being extremely knowledgeable, and even more approachable. Students are terribly impressed by the way professors maintain an admirable balance between teaching (and helping) students, and carrying out their own research work.

Financial aid

F-Aid is not very easy to get, which is probably the price you pay for a rather good ‘safe’ university.

Jobs and placements

While getting a good, well-paying job should never be a problem – USC organizes excellent job fairs couple of times a year, where most students get picked up at fantastic salaries – you need to work pretty hard to ensure that you get a job that you really like doing, since the competition is pretty intense.

Crowd and campus life

Students can be often be found at any of the following bars: 29th Street Café, the 901 Club, Saddle Ranch, Traditions. Also, areas that students hang out in are Santa Monica, SunSet Strip and Venus Beach. Del taco, Dinner at the Stanford, Denny’s, Jack in theBox are the 24 hours restaurant with Tommy’s Original, the hot favourite for a USC student. House Parties are very popular among the USCites.


  • David Bohnett - Founder and former CEO of Geocities
  • Scott Cook - Co-founder and chairman at Intuit,Inc.
  • Neil Armstrong - First Man on the Moon


USC is one of the few universities on the list of almost every Indian applicant. Don’t be fooled by the relative ease of getting in – this is one fantastic institute. The ideal university for rather conservative Indian students.

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