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Est. 1410

Ranked among top 20 universities in GB

About University of St Andrews

St Andrews is one of the most exceptional places to not just study but live in. it was founded in 1410 as a consequence of a very unique circumstance. A group of Augustinian clergy was driven from the University of Paris, from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge by the presence of War there. These men came together and decided to form a society of higher learning in St Andrews where courses like divinity, logic, philosophy, and law could be taught.

Today the school is ranked as the 3rd best in the United Kingdom, though the Guardian ranks it 1st place in the United Kingdom, the Times and Sunday Times ranks it first, also the Times Higher Education World Universities puts the University of St Andrews as being at Top 50 universities for Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities in the world. The school is known for creating an environment which nurtures inquisitive thinking.

It is accredited by various international bodies like the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Chartered Management Institute, General Medical Council, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Statistical Society, The Geological Society, The Institution of Environmental Science.

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Now you must be wondering where this school is located, the University of St Andrews as the name implies is located in the rural setting of the medium-sized town called St Andrews with a population of approximately 10,000-49,999 people. The campus is an awesome experience and everything is within a walking distance. 

Residing Options

The school owned accommodations range from stunning original stone-built buildings to high standard modern style apartments. The stone built buildings are lined side by side the modern apartments, an arrangement which gives most students studying at St Andrew's an unforgettable experience which fall into two categories catered and non-catered.


The weather at St Andrew's varies according to the time of the year and season. The warmest time in the year is July, January is known to be colder than all other months, and the driest time in the year has always been February.

The summers are cool; the winters are long, very cold, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year round. According to statistics the warm season normally lasts for 3 months, from the month of June to the month of September, daily the temperature could go above 61°F, with August 1st being the hottest day in the year with an average temperature of 65°F to 52°F.

Faculty and pedagogy

The institutions of St Andrews are made up of three different colleges and these are United College, St Mary's College, and St Leonard's College. There are eighteen academic schools organized into four faculties, which all use the learner-centered professional teacher model for teaching. The university has a faculty-student ratio of 1:10 which comprises of 1,074 academic staff and 10,330 students.

Financial aid

The school provides a number of scholarships and support to students studying at all levels of study, and the University also provides financial support and counsel where it is needed. It also awards scholarship worth £2,000 via the International Ambassador Scholarships Scheme.

The University of St Andrews offers a number of scholarships and support packages to students each year, and there may also be other funding options available. The processing of the financial aid applications is handled by third-parties,

Jobs and placements

The school has a Job Shop that notifies the students of local part-time and temporary jobs that are available for them to engage in.

The school has a special department called Careers Centre which was created with the purpose of helping St Andrews students make and implement decisions about their next step in their lives.  This great advantage, students who look ahead should take it very seriously!

The Careers Centre is situated opposite the Union and its normally open Monday -Friday 10am-5pm.

Students can find an awesome opportunity for part-time student jobs in the environs of St Andrews - high-quality positions and jobs. Recruiters advertise their current student jobs in large numbers on the campus.


  • Alex Salmond - Former First Minister of Scotland
  • Prince William - Duke of Cambridge
  • Princess Catherine - Duchess of Cambridge
  • Barbara Woodward - British Ambassador to China


The University Of St Andrews is a good place for students are not just looking for a good education, but a level of class and style to their learning, who can look at the sunrise and not smile, or who can view a thousand stars and galaxies in the solar system and not be filled with wonder, the aura this school has is definitely not a feeling to read about but one to be experienced, If you a student still unsure of what school to attend ,go to ST ANDREWS and see it for yourself, trust me you will live to tell the tale.

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