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About University of Strathclyde

A public research university named University of Strathclyde is located in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1976 and back then it was named as Andersonian Institute. Later, in 1964, it was upgraded to university level by Royal Charter. It is titled after historic Kingdom of Strathclyde. It is not only oldest university of city Glasgow but at the same time it is famous for being UK’s very first technological institute.

It offers undergrad, postgraduate degrees, PhD degrees, Postgraduate and Diplomas, in addition to online courses, for home based/UK as well as for International students from around the globe. Currently, 22,000 are studying at the university, not just UK based students but they belong to more than 100 other different nations. University of Strathclyde supports diversity.

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University of Strathclyde is located in Scotland’s city named Glasgow, United Kingdom. Being culturally vibrant and a cosmopolitan city, it provides exposure to its student, especially who travel from abroad. Its rich history and heritage, art work and architecture gives immense pleasure to the students who can enjoy the city apart from studying.

Glasgow was named as ‘Best of the World’ destination by National Geographic. Hence, cherish the sightseeing, shopping and socializing during your study stay.


This urban campus of University of Strathclyde spreads on more than 500 acres. It has exuberant architecture for its buildings. It has expanded its infrastructure by constructing new buildings recently. 650 Euros investment plan is laid for the infrastructure improvement.

In addition to that, the campus has networking facilities with the privilege of lecture’s live streaming. Video capture and editing facility is available in all lecture rooms. University of Strathclyde has its buildings equipped with latest technology for its students, therefore, it makes studies convenient for its students.

Residing Options

For the international students, accommodation is available inside the campus. Andrew Ure Hall is for all levels of study whereas Birkbeck Court, Chancellor’s Hall, Forbes Hall, Garnet Hall, James Goold Hall, James Young Hall, Murray Hall and Thomas Campbell Court are specifically for undergraduate students.

Moreover, all the residencies have Resident Assistants for any kind of hassle that may rise like room locking. They are on duty to help you with such issues and your needs for comfortable accommodation will be served. So the students who intend to stay on campus, especially the ones traveling from abroad, enjoy ‘Strathliving’ experience.


Talking about weather of Glasgow, March till May have mild temperature with all the Spring beauty. After that, Summer months kick in till September that is warm and sunny. Winters last for 4-5 months with average temperature of 4.0 degrees Celsius. January faces snowfall so keep yourself warm during that time especially.

Faculty and pedagogy

Strathclyde Business School has its connections on internaltional level, with countries including Greece, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and Switzerland. The school offers specialist programmes in various business departments in addition to cross-disciplinary courses. It has academic staff of around 200 in number. In total, there are four main departments as mentioned below:

  • Department of Human Resource Management is a CIPD approved center
  • Department of Accounting and Finance accredited by CIMA and ICAS
  • Department of Marketing is accredited by Institute of Export, Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society
  • Our Hospitality & Tourism degrees are accredited by the Institute of Hospitality

All these departments hold international accreditation.

Financial aid

There is a Student Financial Support Team for providing information on the funding methods. Student Finance Office is setup for students to manage their installments. Award Agencies are also referred for seeking financial assistance. For more information, it is advised to visit Student Financial Support Team.

Usually 4-6 working weeks are required by the Student Financial Support to reach the decision. Moreover, Discretionary Fund and Childcare Fund are offered for UK based students. For international students, they can seek Financial Aid by submitting the request but it does not ensure the financial support. Their application may get rejected. In that case, they can appeal to Financial Support Team for review of the financial award. The team provides the details and guidance to the students.

Jobs and placements

The university has Student Experience Enhancement Services for its students. It also facilitate it students in looking for a job and making applications. It has Scottish Career Fair for its current graduating students. Prior to any of it, the students are facilitated to choose their careers so they can further search the job in that particular domain.

The exhibitors in the career fair include army, Unilever, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Marines and Navy, Royal Air Force, Llyolds Banking Group, Jaguar Land Rover, PWC LLP, Financial Conduct Authority, GlaxoSmithKline, Siemens and many other prestigious organizations. The students apply to the companies according to their choice of career.


University of Strathclyde has 170,000 alumni around the globe. Soon after completion of the degree, the next web is to join your alumni network. In order to keep its alumni in connection, the university website has a portal facilitation. Alumni are entitled to many benefits and services that are provided by the university. If you are planning on meeting your classmates, your university is there to make arrangements.

Some notable alumni from University of Strathclyde include the person named John Logie Baired, who first invented television. Another famous scientist Thomas Graham was also from University of Strathclyde. There are many others who have significant contributions in the society. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • James ‘Paraffin’ Young- reformed oil refinery industry
  • Robert Thom- invented water filtering for sanitation during 19th Century
  • James Blyth- application of wind power


University of Strathclyde is multi-award winning university including its latest award “Workplace of the Year-2017”. Its business school is no ordinary; Strathclyde Business School has been awarded as “Business School of the Year-2016” by Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards. It has been winning awards for past seven years from Times Higher Education, in addition to 5 star QS-rated university.

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