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Founded in 1890, University of Tasmania is the fourth oldest university in the country of Australia. Located in Tasmania, UTAS offers a wide range of courses that cater to all kinds of interest and studies for the students who choose to attend it. It has a high ranking of #379 in the world and is highly preferred by national and international students alike for thei high research opportunities that it offers.
With courses that range from creative arts to maritime studies, University of Tasmania has subjects that are available in undergraduate, postgraduate, online courses and more.

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University of Tasmania is located in Tasmania, which is off the south of Australia and is separated by the Bass Strait. Since Tasmania itself is a small island, the university has branches in many parts of the state. The main campus which is in Hobart is more centrally located than its counterparts in Launceston and Burnie. Since most of the students live close to their campus or in campus, they can travel through the local bus shuttle which is considered extremely safe.


The campus of the University of Tasmania is spread throughout the small state island. With campuses in Hobart, Launcheston and Burnie, you can see the buildings interspersed with scenic views of mountains, forests and even the beach. Known as a regional university, the campus has just opened two more campuses in Sydney i.e. Darlinghurst and Rozelle.
With a multimillion dollar research lab for the maritime and Antarctic studies, the University of Tasmania is known for its ventures into maritime research. All the buildings are state-of-the-art and the biggest facet that everyone seems to appreciate is the Library. Sprawling and housing all the books you will ever need, the Library has been one of the key features of University of Tasmania.

Residing Options

The University offers its students three main options for residing which is the Christ College, John Fisher College and the University apartments. While the Christ College and John Fisher College offers basic amenities and shared recreational spaces, the University apartments are more private and coveted.
Since most of the accommodation is co-ed, this might be a problem for international students who are not very comfortable with sharing their room or suite with a person of the opposite gender. Apart from this, the college has basketball and football fields, swimming pools, gyms and many more facilities littered all around the campuses.


Since Tasmania is located in the southern hemisphere, the climate is reversed. The Hobart campus has a summer that last from December to February and has temperatures that reach 25 celsius and more. It might also receive heatwaves which can increase the temperature to even 40 degree Celsius.
With 30-40% heavy rainfall, the months of July to August are the wettest. During the winter months, the temperatures can drop to 12 degree Celsius and more at the elevated heights. For international students, the sudden twist in temperatures and seasons can cause a rift and will take a while to get used to.

Faculty and pedagogy

With over 23,000 students, the faculty of UTAS is large but private enough to be able to focus on every individual and provide extra help if required. Many high profile researchers and alumni make up the faculty of UTAS. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the type of courses you decide to take so it is better to do more research on your subject of interest.

Financial aid

One of the biggest problems that international students will face is the lack of financial aid you receive when you look for a college abroad. Although UTAS has some good scholarships to offer, you will have to keep in mind your financial situation before you apply.

Jobs and placements

For a regional university, UTAS has some good placements. However, as a minority you will not have the same opportunities as the national students who study there. Also, the research students end up getting much better placements as compared to the students who decide to take up arts.


  • Mary- Crown Princess of Denmark
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran- Indian Actor, Producer, Singer
  • Phillip Aspinall- Archbishop of Brisbane
  • Shane Gould- Olympic Swimmer

  • Verdict

    University of Tasmania has been highly regarded for its great education, faculty and the environment it provides for the students to thrive in. That being said, if you looking to experience the thrills of being in this island state, University of Tasmania is a great option for those willing. Find the subject of your choice and give it a go!

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