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Founded in 1895, University of Texas at Arlington fondly called as UT Arlington or UTA, is a public research university located in the state of Texas. Even though the university is part of the same group, ‘University of Texas’, the institution is ranked pretty low in the US of A. With the likes of the extremely ambitious Texas Austin and TAMU, followed by the hot favourite Texas at Dallas, Arlington looses out on the big league of Institutions. In spite of this, the college is preferred by a lot of Asians, especially Indians, with just an about average profile for Electrical and Telecomm courses majorly.

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As the name suggests, the university is situated in the large city of Arlington and the enormously huge state of Texas which is densely populated. Arlington is approximately 20 miles from the very famous Dallas and is the seventh largest city in Texas. Being a large city and surrounded by many institutions in the nearby vicinity, Arlington is generally preferred by students from all backgrounds.


The university is spread over 420 acres and covers round about 100 odd buildings. There are a few main libraries which cover thousands of volumes of all the possible courses. Many recreational centers, coffee houses, bars and students study centre completes the infrastructure of the UTA.

Residing Options

Fortunately, Arlington is not one of the places which are expensive for housing and boarding. The rent charges within the campus is roughly about $3000 but most the graduate students prefer to stay off campus where the apartments are pretty luxurious and not heavy on the pocket as well. Generally, the rental charge for a year is around $4,000 to $6,000 depending upon the size of the room.


Arlington is one of the cities in the US of A where you experience extremely hot summers. The Fall period i.e. July to early October, the climate is pretty hot and humid. Boys are generally seen in shorts and t-shirts while girls (hold your breath boys) don skirts/shorts and spaghettis. Arlington is not one of the places where the winters are something to look for. It snows rarely and is quite bearable yet Indians find it cold. Spring and autumn bring pleasant weather in the city.

Faculty and pedagogy

Well, the faculty at UTA is pretty renowned for their achievements till date. You definitely meet a lot of Nobel laureates, followed by Phd degrees and what not. Some are too stubborn and arrogant and students prefer to stay away from them. Most of them are busy doing their own research, hence its advised that students should approach the respective professor for any particular work. Sometimes, you’ve to keep pushing your respective project guide to get your work done. In a nutshell, the professors are quite excellent though the quality is unbeatable in the ambitious Texas Universities.

Financial aid

Being a state funded Research University, UTA is known for its scholarships and the financial aid. Generally, the college gives you F-aid (famous among the student community) but your profile should be impressive enough as well. If you’re up to date with your academics, assignments and projects, Research and Teaching Assistantship (RA and TA) is on your way.

Jobs and placements

One of the states where the country’s economy runs through is Texas. Hence, you can expect to see a lot MNC’s situated within hundreds of cities of this state. Though most of the companies prefer students from Dallas and Austin, the legacy of the name TEXAS follows it to Arlington as well. Roughly, the pay package starts from anything around $35,000.

Crowd and campus life

You see a great diversity of students in UTA; sadly, they are all from the various states and cities of US of A. You’re expected to see a good amount of Indians in the Electrical and Telecomm courses, for which the college is very famous. The ratio of boys and girls is pretty equal but the latter outdo the former in appearance, dressing sense and clothes.
If you dreamt of ‘FUN’ life in America, probably Arlington is not one of those places. The nightlife is pretty dull as there are barely any cafes, restaurants and bars. One of the sad and frustrated UTA stud quoted, ‘either you go to Dallas which is around 30 minutes else get satisfied with a house party’. Food parlours like Chipotle, Chili's and Razoos followed by the Arlington highlands are the only accepted hangouts for the Arlington-ites.


  • Kalpana Chawla - I dont think we have to introduce this legend
  • Eric Smith - CFO, Americas at Deutsche Bank


In terms of popularity, Austin, TAMU and Dallas leads the market of education in Texas and thus, Arlington becomes one of the average universities in the States. If your profile is plain and simple; and expecting to finish the Masters degree in few dollarz, it’s a good bet for any student of that league.

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