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Established in 1827, as a colonial college by the Church of England, the University of Toronto (popularly known as 'U of T') is a Canadian public research university in Toronto, Ontario. U of T is known to be a birthplace of insulin and stem cell research. It is one of the two Canadian universities to be members of Association of American Universities. It ranks 2nd in the world in academics oriented research.

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University of Toronto, St.George Campus is located right next to the Queens Park and the legislative building in downtown Toronto, overlooking all of Toronto. It is also in the middle of two subway lines that make it easy to access the whole of Toronto. Being in downtown, it has good food options for the forever hungry.


Spread over 180 acres, it can be a huge, intimidating campus if your classes are scheduled on different extreme sides. Architecture inspired of Romanesque and Gothic buildings, lush green in the middle of the city. Students love the Gothic, 'Hogwarts' like architecture of the place.

Residing Options

There are different colleges within that provide residencies for different students. Massey College is exclusively for graduate students, while Knox and Wycliffe's Colleges largely have graduate theology students. Annesley Hall of Victoria College, a National Historic site, was the first university residence for women in Canada. In all, the on-campus residences can accommodate only 6,400 students and hence. The university guarantees to house only for undergraduates in their first year of study, while most upper-year and graduate students reside off-campus. There are listings available on the off-campus housing website and the Housing Services department can be helpful too. U of T students suggest living off-campus also to avoid distractions.


Downtown Toronto can be medium to extremely humid. Springs and autumn are shorter than summers and winters. The coldest it gets in winters is about minus 12 degrees and in summers, the max it goes to generally 30 degrees.

Faculty and pedagogy

The Faculty to Student Ratio at U of T is 8:18. There are 400 areas of study with 200 graduate programs. It has more than 60 graduate programs in health sciences, engineering and management. The engineering professors are quite appreciated by students, especially its computer science department is considered to be world class.
Students say that the class size is huge and some of the students feel that they do not get enough attention. Some of the professors may have a thick accent that an international student might find it difficult to understand.
The most important aspect to consider is that it has a high grading standard. Students find that reading the textbook and attending lectures is hardly enough. Students may need smart peers or seniors to critique their essays before submission. The professors do not intend to sugarcoat about your academic performance and are very strict for deadlines and decorum. As a grad student, you may be studying under the big names of Canada and it might not be a harm in befriending them

Financial aid

Overall, one may receive a great education for half the price of an average American University. But still higher than anywhere in Canada. The tuition fees for international graduate students for the main courses such as Engineering, MBA in U of T are roughly about $41000 per year. This is excluding the other costs like housing, food, etc. For courses in Humanities and Arts, the fees are much lower. For a domestic student, it is mere $6400 per year. You can set up an appointment and visit the Financial Aid offices. They are helpful to find you scholarships for which you may be eligible. Overall, opportunities for getting a financial aid for an undergraduate course are greater than a graduate course.

Jobs and placements

The top companies that recruit from MIT, Stanford also come at U of T. The only problem could be the grade deflation. Students say that it is harder to score in U of T than in other good American Universities. You can earn about $5000 in any good internship. As per a 2015-16 report of the Rotman School of Management at U of T, the median salaries were roughly $85000 per annum. Salaries were similar for finance, consulting and retail jobs. Technology students fetched an average of $1,00,000 and Energy and Natural Resources department students fetched about $90,000, similar to jobs in Legal services. The average GPA for those places was 3.5, which means you've got to keep scoring very high!


  • Margaret Atwood: Canadian Poet, Novelist
  • Frederick Banting: Nobel Laureate
  • Lester Pearson: Ex Canadian Prime Minister

  • Verdict

    Overall, it is one of the best universities in Canada. If you are interested in research, it's a no-brainer. The education here is to deepen your knowledge of the essential principles and theory versus a polytechnic-like school. Getting good grades is hard yet inevitable to make friends on campus and get a good job. Students suggest finding a balance between school, work and social life. You'll be fine if you are okay being a small fish in a big pond. The campus life can be as dull or exciting as you decide it to be. Plus side of such a rigorous study schedule, as students put it, is that you may find jobs and other future stressful things quite easier if you have been through this.

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