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Est. 1850

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University of Utah (U of U) is a public flagship university founded in the year 1850. This university is known for its computer art, computer animation and allied fields which has led to a number of applications for the course on Games Development. U of U is also very active in the athletics scene in the US and has consistently done well in all sports.

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The campus is spread over 1500 acres in Salt Lake City which is the capital of Utah. The city is a hub for mining, steel, refining and other oil and gas related activities. Being located in a moderately industrialized city with a good urban environment will definitely be a deciding factor for you while applying.


U of U has a picturesque campus spread over 1500 acres. There are two major libraries namely the J. Willard Marriott and S. J. Quinney library. There is a Presidents circle with a number of buildings named after previous college presidents. The primary student activity centre is the A. Ray Olpin University Union, and campus fitness centres include the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Complex (HPER) and the Nielsen Fieldhouse.

Residing Options

There are 32 buildings or dorms for on-campus residents. Off-campus living options are available which are close to places from where you can find transport to the university. As in most cases students prefer staying off-campus here as well. A single room would cost about $650 as monthly rent.


The weather at University of Utah (U of U) is really cold so much so that people come here for winter sports. There is bit of excessive snowing and sometimes you do find it difficult to move around. Also, it is reported that the weather is slightly sporadic. As a footnote, we would like to say that the 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, this should give you SOME idea about the weather here.

Faculty and pedagogy

Another big plus point here at University of Utah is the faculty. Students across all disciplines have great things to say about their professors. All of them believe that the professors are well-read, deeply into research and easily approachable outside class to discuss various relevant issues like research and projects. Similarly positive reviews on the course curriculum and program flexibility have been obtained from students.

Financial aid

University of Utah being a public research university, there is every chance that a student with a decent above average profile can get some scholarship or assistantship.

Jobs and placements

Salt Lake City, the location of the university is an industrial city with a number of Fortune ranked organizations like Huntsmann Corporation, Sinclair Oil Corporation and organizations like eBay and Adobe having offices near and around. Keeping all these in mind and the fact that there are a number of career fairs in Utah, you shouldn’t be worrying too much about the placements.


  • Simon Ramo – Father of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
  • Robert Jarvik – Inventor of artificial heart
  • John Warnock – Founder of Adobe Systems


University of Utah is definitely NOT in the top bracket as yet. However, there isn’t anything blatantly flawed in any aspect that we can see. The Games Development course deserves a special mention again! Overall, good university.

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