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The University of Victoria or UVic or Victoria as it is popularly referred to, is a public research university located in Oak Bay and Saanich in the Greater Victoria region of British Columbia. This university is the third largest university in British Columbia which came into being in 1903 by the name Victoria College. This Victoria College then, was an affiliate of the McGill University and subsequently in 1963; this college got transformed into the university which stands as of today. The University of Victoria admits as many as 20,000 every year and is known for wonderful architecture, lush green gardens and pleasant climate.

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The main campus of the University of Victoria is located in vicinity of Gordon Head area which is located in Greater Victoria. This campus extends between two municipalities of Saanich and Oak Bay. The Gordon Head area is located along the sea in which the university lies to the southeast. The peaceful and tranquil surroundings of Gordon Head create the perfect study ambience for the students.


The campus of the University of Victoria stands on a lavish spread of more than 400 acres of land situated right between the municipalities of Oak Bay and Saanich. The architecture of this university which is so popular has been developed by the San Francisco based architectural and planning firm, Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons.
Some of the prominent features of the campus include Cunningham which hosts the departments of Biology along with the Center of Forest Biology and a number of research centers set up for that purpose; the David Turpin Building which contains the Water and Climate Impacts Research center; the Elliott building which houses the Climenhaga Obsevatory, the Engineering buildings where research studies in the field of Engineering take place, the Fraser building which consists of mock courtroom for Law students, the MacLaurin building which houses the Auditorium as well as the Curriculum Library amongst several other things, the McPherson library where all the university archives and collections are stores and so on.

Residing Options

Speaking of accommodation, the University of Victoria provides both, on as well as off campus housing facilities for its students. The intention behind offering this is because the university truly believes in helping the students set up a home away from home and which they can call as ‘their own home’ and which may not necessarily be on campus. The on campus housing facility which is provided consists of single or double apartments or cluster style accommodation, dormitories etc. Students who opt for single or double rooms are provided with in-house dining options as well.
As far as off campus accommodation is concerned, the university has collaborated with places4students which is an online portal where landlords can post their apartments for the purpose of leasing and the students can view and finalize the apartments. The university takes extra caution when it comes off campus accommodations in order to ensure that no students gets unduly cheated or duped.
Since this is a student city, you will get cheap accommodation easily. You can also help yourself by starting the search early on Used Victoria or Craiglist.


Owing to the presence of tall mountains, the province of British Columbia in Canada experiences a relatively milder climate with the average temperature being 12 degrees Celsius. The winters in this region are quite extreme with the temperature dipping to as low as -58.9 degrees Celsius. At times, it even rains during winters which make the weather all the more cold. Summers are dry and the temperature during summers can go up to almost 40 degrees Celsius.

Faculty and pedagogy

Those looking to study mathematics, engineering and physics are likely to be disappointed by the quality of professors here. However, there are good reviews for the professors of environmental studies who are known to be friendly and approachable. The areas where the university aces in faculty quality includes Marine Biology Environmental Studies, Law, Neuroscience, Business, , and Ocean and Earth Studies.

Financial aid

The University of Victoria always acknowledges and appreciates its meritorious students. Hence as a token of appreciation from the university, such students receive some special concessions from the university which are in the form of financial aid like scholarships, grants, bursaries etc. Every year almost 8 million dollars are doled out from the Treasury of the university for the purpose of awarding such grants and scholarships to the selected pool of students. Apart from these 8 million dollars, 4 million dollars are kept exclusively for awarding bursaries and loans which are offered to students who are in need of some financial support. So a grand total of 12 million dollars is allotted only for awarding financial aid to students which is quite noteworthy. One more way by which the university helps some selected students is by offering them Teaching Assistantship jobs as well.

Jobs and placements

The department of Career Services of the University of Victoria aims of helping the students gets their career goals within their reach. It provides services like resume writing assistance and guidance along with career coaching and self development resources to improve employability of the students. There are several external internships and other opportunities available to the students on the university portal.
The PhD and MA program students have earned placements in a variety of places in the role of economists, professors, policy analysts, transit anlayts, Econometrician, researcher etc. Some of the recruiters include Bank of Montreal, Health Canada, Ministry of Labour and Citizen Services, BP Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada and Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK.


The University of Victoria through its Office of Alumni Relations takes the responsibility of maintaining relations with each and every alumnus who has graduated from the University of Victoria. This body maintains this connection with all its alumni by regularly inviting them for special events which are hosted or organized by the university every now and then which makes the alumni also feel as if they belong to the university. Moreover, this department also shares information and all latest updates pertaining to the university with the alumni. Some of the popular alumni of the University of Victoria have been:

  • Stewart Butterfield – Co-Founder of Flickr;
  • WP Kinsella – Author of Shoeless Joe;
  • Erin Karpluk – Actress of ‘Being Erica’

  • Verdict

    The reviews which some of the alumni of the University of Victoria have shared indicate that the university is a fairly decent one with good team of professors as well as an affable campus life. While there have been mixed reviews as far as the type of accommodation is concerned whether to opt for on campus or off campus accommodation. However that is a point of personal preference of the students. Overall the University of Victoria is believed to be a good learning place and hence you can consider this option if you want to. The best part of this university is that once you get admitted into this university you automatically also qualify for scholarships and grants which was liked by the students.

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