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Established in the year 1911 through a Western Australian Parliament act, the University of Western Australia (UWA) is a public research university located in Perth. Also known as the ‘Sandstone University’, it is the oldest university in Western Australia and is a member of the prestigious, research-intensive, Go8 group. Moreover, the university has also joined the Matariki Network of Universities as the youngest member and the only university that is established in the 20th century.
The university consistently ranks amongst the top 100 universities list of QS World University Rankings and Shanghai’s Academic Ranking of World Universities.

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The university has a total of 3 campuses in and around Perth, Australia. The main campus of the university is located in Crawley and other campuses are in Claremont and Albany. Crawley, which is home to the flagship campus of the university, is a suburb in the Subiaco city of Perth and is known for its modern lifestyle that is sure to provide you with a state-of-the-art learning experience.
As far as travelling to the university is concerned, there are multiple shuttle bus services that has their stops in and around the campus. Subiaco, Fremantle, Stirling and Claremont are some of the train stations that are very close to the university. If you want to use a private vehicle, Kwinana Freeway, Mitchell Freeway and Stirling Highway will get you here. But make sure that you leave earlier if you are travelling by car as the traffic on roads can be crazy at times. Also, finding a parking spot at the university can be difficult and thus, it is recommended that you should use public transport, cycle or walk to the university.


The university is one of the biggest owners of land in Perth and you will find continuous expansion work throughout the year, which can be a little annoying at times. The Crawley campus of the university is spread across 64 hectares of land and is home to some of the universities recently launched buildings, like University Club, UWA Watersports Complex, Business School Building, CO2 Research Facility and Molecular and Sciences Building.
For students who are interested in theatre and drama courses, there is a New Fortune Theatre in the Arts Faculty Building which is similar to the actual Fortune Theatre of Elizabeth and regularly conducts some of the most famous plays of Shakespeare. For Indian studies who are particularly fond of cricket, there is Irwin Street Building which serves as a cricket pavilion.
The Social Sciences Building accommodates Berndt Museum of Anthropology which contains some of the best of aboriginal art. The university has a total of six libraries with the Reid Library being the largest one with four different public access levels.

Residing Options

UWA has 5 residential colleges, namely St. George’s College, St. Catherine’s College, St. Thomas More College, University Hall and Trinity. More than 2000 students live in these residential colleges which are governed by the residential department of the university. The best thing is, you can easily apply for accommodations at these colleges through a simple online process.
Moreover, for students who want to live off-campus to enjoy a more independent living, UWA offers many different types of unfurnished accommodations that are located close to the Crawley campus. However, postgraduate students are given more priority here.


Well, weather at UWA is comfortably hot during summers and cold in winters because of the subtropical climate of Perth. You will experience four distinct seasons in a year at the university. January is the hottest month here with average temperature of 25°C and August is the coldest month with an average temperature of 15°C.
Rainfall is common between the months of May and September with an average rainfall of 100mm. Indian students carry an advantage in getting used to this climate as we often experience worse at home.

Faculty and pedagogy

With a faculty-student ratio of 20:1, you are sure to get adequate attention from some of the best of internationally acclaimed professors of the university. While all the teachers carry advanced degrees and are highly experienced in their respective fields, there are some that have a huge following among the students. However, some students have complained that some of the professors are not as knowledgeable as they should be and quality of education is somewhat mixed. But isn’t it common to find some bad apples among the bunch?

Financial aid

As far as the tuition fee of the university is concerned, it is quite reasonable with reference to the prestige that the university carries. Apart from this, the university also tries its best to make sure that the fee is never a problem for students at the university. More than 85% of the students receive some kind of financial aid from the university. Moreover, the university also offers thousands of scholarships and certificates every year. But you need to have an impressive academic history to be eligible for these scholarships.

Jobs and placements

UWA conducts on-campus career fairs throughout the year which is attended by some of the best international companies. If you have a good academic record, the chances of landing a job at these career fairs are quite high. The career centre offers the usual job opportunities through job fairs, networking events and workshops that is standard amongst all universities in this league. Some jobs are often advertise on the website of the university encouraging the students to apply to them. There is a mentor program offered to assist students in placements and career planning.


  • Tim Minchin- Actor and Comedian
  • Barry Marshall- Nobel Laureate
  • Colin Barnett- Current Premier of Western Australia
  • Andrew Forrest- CEO of Fortescue Metals Group
  • Greta Scacchi- Actress

  • Verdict

    UWA is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Perth and an excellent choice for international students where they can enjoy a modern learning experience. However, remember that the pressure can be a little too much around the exams as your grades will mostly depend on how you perform in them. While the faculty of the university is often criticized, majority of the students agreed that most of them are highly knowledgeable and easy to approach. So, if you are at UWA, try to find these good apples and stay away from the bad ones!

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