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University of Windsor, also known as UWindsor and U of W, is a public research university located in Windsor, Ontario, in Canada. The university was established in the year 1857 and has a current student populace of about 15,000 part-time and full time undergraduates and more than 1,200 post-graduates.

University of Windsor offers about 130 majors and minors and more than 50 doctoral and master’s degree programs across its 9 faculties.

Also, University of Windsor is the southernmost university in Canada! It ranks #992 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.

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Windsor is the only Canadian City to be South of U.S.A. (excluding Alaska, of course). If you look at the map given, you will notice that it is located just south of Deroit. It is known as the ‘’automotive capital’’ of Canada and has the Detroit river on the north and Ambassador Bridge on the west. University of Windsor’s campus is spread across 130 acres of land which is bordered by residential areas. The campus is about 7kms from Downtown Windsor and is surrounded by the beautiful Detroit River by a number of restaurants, cafes, and book stores.

Reaching to the university is easy if you are a student living in an off-campus accommodation. The university is served by Windsor Transit and 5 bus routes- Transway 1C, Transway 1C Express, Central 3, Crosstown 2, and South Windsor 2, can bring you to the university. While the university is pretty close to downtown, most of the students have complained that there is nothing exceptional around the campus and outdoor activities are close to none.


While there is nothing much to do around the university, UWindsor has tried to provide a number of facilities to the students on the campus itself. There is a bookstore and food court in the campus where students generally spend their free time. Pharmacy, dental office and multi-faith area are some of the other things available here.
St. Denis Center to the south of the campus is an excellent recreational and athletic facility. You can find exercise facilities, swimming pool and a weight room here. Moreover, there is also a stadium close to St. Denis Center. The Leddy Library, which is named after John Francis Leddy, former president of the university, is UWindsor’s main library and is known to have more than 3 million items.

Residing Options

The university has a total of 5 residential halls- Alumni Hall, Cartier, Macdonald, Laurier, and Electa. The Alumni Hall is the only residential hall which allows first year and beyond first year students to live in a single residential hall, but in separate rooms. Macdonald, Laurier and Cartier are home of first year undergraduate students, but the accommodations in Cartier are allocated as per the grade point average of students. For students who do not want to live in these on-campus accommodations, the university helps them in finding off-campus accommodations close to the university. As the area around the university is residential, there is no shortage of excellent accommodation options close to the campus.


Windsor is one of those places in Canada that enjoys a humid continental climate. While winters are pretty cold, they are not as cold as other parts of Canada. July is the warmest month here with an l temperature of about 23 degree Celsius on an average. January, being the coolest month hosting an average temperature of about -4 degree Celsius. While snowfall is common almost throughout the year, there are generally 3-5 heavy snowfalls in every winter.

Faculty and pedagogy

According to many student reviews, the quality of academics at the university of windsor is not great. Many of the professors here are pretty new to the world of teaching. Some of them cannot even speak fluent English. On top of it, most of the classes are over-crowded and has more than 70 students at the graduate level. Moreover, UWindsor stood at the last spot in most of the categories, like teaching quality and student satisfaction, in the 11th Annual Globe and Mail annual Canadian University Report. However, recent reviews show that there is some improvement in the faculty.

Financial aid

UWindsor doesn’t offer a lot of financial help to the students, but is a member of Project Hero, which is a scholarship program for the families of fallen members of Canadian Forces. While the university offers GA, TA and RA aid, a lot of students have complained that the university doesn’t end the funding contracts. There is a separate page on the university’s official website where students can find detailed information about these assistantships.

Jobs and placements

Being the automobile capital of Canada, a number of automobile companies visit the university on a yearly basis. But the students are required to have highly impressive academic scores to get selected by these companies. Other than automobiles, job opportunities ar very scarce here so make sure you get good grades to stay ahead of the line whenever an opportunity presents itself.


  • Manmeet Bhullar- Canadian Politician
  • Lorne Abony- CEO of FastForward Innovations
  • Navdeep Bains- Canadian Politician
  • Kara Ro- Boxer
  • Amanda Tapping- Actress

  • Verdict

    While UWindsor is one of the oldest universities in Canada, its academic quality is highly unimpressive. Most of the students agree that the university is very expensive and the acadamia isn't great. There are better universities available for people with similar profiles.

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