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University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM) can trace it’s origins back to 1885, when the Wisconsin State Normal School was established. Located in downtown Milwaukee, the school underwent various name changes. Finally in the year 1956, the school came into existence as UWM based on a bill passed by the Wisconsin legislature.
UWM is a public co-ed research university with an urban setting. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. With a heave focus on research, especially in the areas of Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Life Sciences, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education ranks UWM as a high research activity school.

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Located in Wisconsin’s biggest city, Milwaukee, students can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the city. Lake Michigan is close by and students can enjoy scenic views whenever they want to. The city boasts of 12 public museums, along with over 100 parks and trails. The city is also known for it’s local stores for shopping, especially in the East Side area. Also known as “Brew City”, students will get the chance to try different cuisines, local and international.


The entire campus is divided into quads. The Golda Meir library is a part of the campus and has great resources for students. The student center at UWM is called the Student Union is one of the largest student centers in in the country. There are separate buildings for Art, Music and Theatre. The Klotsche center is where students can enjoy sports. Labs are housed in the Physics Building, Chemistry Building and Chapman Hall, which consists of the Biology and Geosciences Department and the Thomas A. Greene Memorial Library.

Residing Options

There are five different housing options available to students: Cambridge Commons is the new residential building which is eco friendly and has all modern amenities; Kenilworth Square apartments are is reserved for students aged 22 and above and houses a lot of the international student community; Purin hall is preferred by sophomores and Juniors for its close knit communities; Riverview is primarily reserved for freshmen; Sandburg hall consists of four towers, and is ideal for first year or second year students.
All incoming freshmen are required to live on campus. Assistance to find off campus housing is available from the university along with workshops to help students understand tenant rights and other legalities. Graduate students can choose to live in the Kenilworth Square apartments or off campus.
The University Neighborhood office goes out of its way to ensure that the students get what they desire for and hence in order to achieve this final aim they are ready to go that extra mile by finding for them the right kind of accommodation. To begin with, this Neighborhood office arranges for a Housing Fair where prospective landlords and tenants can meet, interact and discuss their requirements or may even negotiate on the prices. Some of the popular areas where they try to accommodate the students are 2211 E. Kenwood Boulevard, 3546 N. Murray Avenue, 1856 N. Cambridge Avenue, 1559 N. Prospect Avenue etc. All these are more or less in the same price range which is around $550.


The city’s proximity to Lake Michigan brings with the lake breeze effect. The coldest month is January and the hottest month is July. The months form March to July see maximum effect of the lake breeze, with a light breeze being felt around creating a cooler weather.
Rainfall is common in summer, as well as spring and fall. Even though snowfall is usually less than 1 inch in winter, the temperature dip quiet a lot, and it would be advisable to keep this in mind while shopping for winter clothes.

Faculty and pedagogy

UWM has the only freshwater science graduate school in the entire country. It also offers one of the only programs that combines social welfare and criminal justice in one program. The Peck School of Arts at UWM is the only school of arts in the state of Wisconsin.
With 14 schools under its umbrella, UWM offers a large selection of programs to study from. Undergraduates can pick from 94 majors, graduates can pick from 53 programs and doctoral students can pick from 33 programs available at the school.
The most popular majors at UWM are Finance, Marketing and Education. Also offered at the school are programs in architecture, urban planning, executive MBA, and nursing programs. The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences has some of the highest ranked programs in the country.

Financial aid

Since UWM is a public research university, in state tuition is relatively in expensive. Out of state tuition or tuition for international students is considerably higher. Financial Aid in the form of federal aid by the government is available to residents, with 81% students receiving aid. Out of these, 38% received a federal grant and 63% received a federal loan.
Although international students cannot take advantage of the federal aid offered, there are various scholarships students can apply to. Most scholarships are awarded on specific criteria. Assistance form a career counselor can be taken to find out which scholarships might be best for you.
The University goes out of its way to accommodate all the students studying on its campus by providing them the safety and security of continuing their education. It does this by offering its students with financial help and aid in the form of teaching and research assistantship jobs etc. Going step further, students who become entitled to these prestigious Teaching Assistantship jobs are also given an orientation course where they are made to understand the basics of taking academic lectures.

Jobs and placements

The Career Development Center on campus assists students with resume writing, mock interviews, and workshops to help them prepare for a job, internship or co-op. On campus interviews are also conducted by over 200 companies who come to the campus during career fairs. Panther Jobs is the online portal where current students as well as alumni can search and apply for part-time or full-time jobs, internship or co-ops. Each school also has resources tailored to their particular field of study or department.
Students who walk into this University come have found internships, co-ops with more than 600 business and financial firms, media and such other corporate entities, nonprofit organizations, several healthcare organizations etc. In the academic year 2010-2011, almost 200 odd companies of diverse sectors had visited the campus to pick out some of the sharpest brains as part of their organization and since then this number has only been increasing. The university does not provide details about the kind of employers who visit the campus or the overall experience of the students about the Career section of the university.


  • Golda Meir, founder of the state of Israel
  • Jim Rygiel, Three time Academy Award winner for digital effects in the “Lord of the Rings”
  • James L. Ziemer, former president and CEO of Harley Davidson
  • Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
  • Willem Dafoe, Actor
  • Michael Dhuey, Electrical and computer engineer, co-inventor of the Macintosh II and the iPod

  • Verdict

    UWM is a large school, which puts a lot of emphasis on research. It is a great school for students looking to study engineering, nursing, life sciences or environmental sciences. With its urban setting and large student body, the campus is lively. This is a great school if you like activity around you and a dynamic environment to study and live in. The school is highly ranked and some of the best programs in the state of Wisconsin and the country.

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