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Virginia International University is dedicated to setting new standards for academic achievement. It has an increasingly student-centered approach, where they endeavor to create a positive environment for education.
The program structures allow great flexibility and this is ultimately beneficial to both students and teachers alike. The university is a great choice to continue further education at and is accredited by the ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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First established in 1998, Virginia International University (VIU) is a private, non-profit establishment. Located in the lovely Fairfax, Virginia, this institution strives to fulfil its mission of providing affordable and impeccable education to students from around the globe.
The Virginia International University has provisions for degree programs at both the undergraduate level, as well as the graduate level. It lets students pursue their interests in most fields – the more important ones being those of Business Studies, Computer Applications and Sciences, Education, International Relations, to name a few. For International students not too savvy in the English discourse, the university offers ESL (English as a Second Language) courses, in addition to prep programs from tests and other continuing education opportunities.


University is new and has fresh constructions; there are a lot of other constructions happening around in the campus for other degree programs which definitely shows that the university is getting a good response.

Residing Options

Virginia International University is one of the few universities of its kind which does not provide on-campus housing options. However, this is hardly a negative for prospective students because the Office of Student Affairs provides students with ample useful resources to find housing close to campus. The different types of housing available for students close to campus is:

  • Room Rentals
  • STP Housing
  • Apartment Rentals
  • Hotels
  • Students can find ample adequate housing options which is within their desirable budget. These options are also safe and any problems with the surroundings can be taken to the Office of Student Affairs which works tirelessly and closely with the local community to make the housing experiences favorable for the students at VIU.


    The weather in Fairfax is mostly okay for students. Students enjoy a pleasant summer. However, there are occasional blizzards in the winter, even if the temperature does not dip more than -20 degrees Celsius (under normal circumstances).
    Unless the students are coming from an overly hot and humid country, the weather conditions should be fine. Even for students from the tropics, layering up with 3 or 4 layers for winters will keep them warm, and they’ll be able to adapt well to the weather.

    Faculty and pedagogy

    The University has a panel of stellar faculty who are closely involved in the betterment of the students. Apart from being brilliant minds, the faculty is also easily approachable by students. The student teacher ratio is not too large, and the students come away from personal interactions with the faculty with a better understanding of the subject at hand.
    In additional to such great faculty, the university also has a number of teaching resources for the benefit of both the students and the faculty alike. These are most helpful if anybody needs the service of any.

    Financial aid

    Virginia international University offers any solutions to meet the monetary shortcomings of many of its students. High tuition costs are always a challenge associated with higher education. However, the Office of Financial Aid at VIU is most helpful to solve any queries, or when it comes to offering further assistance of counselling about matters of financial aid.
    There are several types of aid available – scholarships, student loans, grants, work-study programs, payment plans, as well as university discounts. Most students going to VIU are eligible to apply for all of the same, and the Office of Financial Aid is more than happy to be of service during the application and funding process.
    The Virginia International University offers its students with good number of on campus jobs in the form of Teaching and/or Research Assistantships wherein students can earn good amount of money while they study on campus.

    Jobs and placements

    Being new in the ‘University Industry’, VIU does not have a lot of contacts in the market. Students are happy with everything but what the university lack are contacts. VIU tries its best to get placements and when they do not get an expected response then they recruit students for the University itself.

    Crowd and campus life

    Virginia International University has a whole host of Student Activities. These are essentially designed to provide the students a platform to try something new, and accomplish more. These activities add to the holistic learning of the students and gives them more in the way of personal interests.
    By encouraging students to take part in these activities, VIU increases people in their social circles and also adds to their personal social skills. These recreational and cultural activities can also be a fun chance to simply throwback when the students are in need of a break from the tough academic curriculum.
    The university boasts of many Student Clubs and even a Student Union. Apart from helping the students increase their social awareness and social standing, VIU also pushes them to accept positions of leadership and increases their management skills.


  • Birkan Ustaavci- MBA 2005 Project Manager, Land Design Consultants, Inc. Washington, DC
  • Nanda K. Gollu- MS in Computer Science, 2015. SharePoint Administrator- Avian Tek Columbia, MD

  • Verdict

    Virginia International University, though not too old, has proven itself to be one of the best universities that the United States can proudly boast of. It has received glowing accreditations. The University seems to be a pretty decent university with a decent team of faculty. However, the some of the students’ experienced slight discomfort as far as the university infrastructure was concerned.
    It has a great academic programs, and any student (whether at the undergraduate or the graduate level) can safely apply to this institution to benefit from what it has to offer.

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